The IAS Interview round or the final round is the most superlative stage of the whole UPSC cycle in the screening as well as the evaluation of candidates. Both the Mains and Interview marks obtained are taken together and assessed to prepare the final merit list. 

It should be understood that the IAS Interview round is being held to test the personality of the individual. Therefore, compromising with yourself would be a big NO. In experts’ words, as soon as the Mains exams are over, the aspirants should start off with the interview preparation. Though the merit list is prepared after obtaining the marks of both the mains and the interview. Therefore, it has been observed in the past that the ones who got selected were the high-scorers of the interview round. 

The Indian Administrative Services conducts the interview to test the applicant’s level of knowledge, clarity in discussions, his/her mental presence, ability to deal in a particular situation, etc.

This article provides the readers to know, improve, and avoid those areas which might lead to the aspirants’ dreams into a loophole. Moreover, it gives clear guidelines to handle the 30 minutes of the Interview round in the most beneficial way possible.

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Here are 10 things to avoid in an IAS Interview Round

1) Panic won’t help:

Facing an IAS interview could be one of the most fearsome things in a person’s life. Many people after sitting in front of the interviewer forget their own selves because of anxiety and nervousness. So, do not become a part of such a lot. It’s absolutely fine to not know an answer to a particular question. To deal with such a scenario, practice and focus on breathing and mirror exercises. This will help to gain momentum over time. 

Go online and take out all the relevant past questions that might come your way during the interview and do not forget that such an interview is meant to put you in stress.

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2) Do not be late to the Interview:

Done with your Mains exams? Well, take a day off and then start off with your Interview preparation. It is highly recommended by the toppers to start as early as possible. Focusing on grooming and developing a personality will take time and would not happen overnight to clear the IAS Interview.

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3) Liars will keep on lying:

Do not lie to any of the questions asked during the IAS interview. The ones taking the interview have a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience. Moreover, they were the ones who sat once in your chair too. Giving answers that he/she cannot relate to will not serve the purpose. Ultimately, the next thing you know is that you are caught in the trap of more questions and justifications. 

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4) Reading is a good habit:

Remember while preparing for your UPSC Prelims and Mains, you developed the habit of reading? Well, continue with that. Do not stop. Always have an idea of what is going around the world. Stay updated with the current affairs. Moreover, read newspapers on a daily basis. This will help you in clearing the IAS Interview.

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5) Say bye to your FAKE self:

The interviewers don’t like the candidates who are fake and obsessed. Try to be yourself and win the race. After all, the turtle won the competition only by portraying his true qualities.

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6) Do not give hasty responses during the interview:

While giving answers to the questions during the interview, you might be correct and accurate. But there will be no point if your answers aren’t heard properly. Make sure not to be hasty while replying. In such cases, there is a possibility that you might get stuck in a situation where you said something but meant the contrary. 

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7) Stop blabbering:

Do not start chattering at any cost. Make sure to organize thoughts, facts, and opinions. Then put them into a sentence and present. Blabbering during an interview will only represent your lack of knowledge and immaturity traits.

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8) Avoid arguments in the Interview Round:

You are the one in the hot seat. You are giving the interview while the other side is conducting it. Nobody is asking you to be a buttering tool. Indulging in arguments shows your decision-making qualities. Moreover, indulging in unnecessary discussions and pushing them won’t be appreciated at all. Be flexible in answering and suit the situation.

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9) Attire leaves an impression:

Wear a proper decent formal dress while interviewing. This serves as the mark of professionalism and experience. Make sure to impress your interviewers at any cost. However, don’t talk too much during the interview.

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10) Focus on the signs:

While giving the IAS interview, remember on your gestural and postural stature. Present an outer appearance that compliments your whole self. Be positive and confident and throw away the negative mindset. Life might be hard but the interviewers want the solutions to deal with it and not to discuss it. 

At the same time, focus on the signs you are using while responding to the questions. Saying something and representing something else would be a clear indication of confusion and nervousness.

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Facing the UPSC interview would seem like a humongous task at hand. However, the interviewers tend to be friendly and try to make you at ease. Being scared in such cases, would not help the aspirant in any way possible. In simple language, be yourself and remember the cause.

Are you ready to face your IAS Interview now?


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