Becoming an IAS officer in India is considered to be a great achievement because of the competition and amount of study that it takes to become one. But unfortunately many of them instead of honesty serving our country get involved in corruption practices. These corrupt IAS Officers are a threat to our nation. A report by Hong Kong based “Political and Economic Risk Consultancy” termed the Indian bureaucracy worst in Asia. We are listing five most Corrupt IAS Officers of India.

1. S.Malaichamy

IAS-S-Malaichamy corruption upsc

He was former MD at Khadi gram Udyog. In December 2012 he was given a five year jail term and fined 10 lakh rupees for possessing disproportionate assets worth over 50 lakh rupees. He was an IAS officer of 1971 batch(AGMUT Cadre), who had alo worked as Delhi’s Chief Electoral Officer. After becoming an IAS officer in 1971 the assets of him grew from 46 lakh to 1.3 crore rupees.

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2. Nitesh Janardhan Thakur

Nitesh Janardhan Thakur most corrupt ias officer

After conducting a raid at his flat in Mumbai ACB it was discovered by ACB that Thakur had assets worth over 200 crores that too within 12 years of his service.10 luxury vehicles were also found. When he was a collector of Alibaug, he tampered with the land records. After that he got suspended. He established several shell companies, while still in service, and collected 300 crores. Nitesh Thakur had fled abroad before the initiation of an investigation by ED and is presently said to be in Dubai. He is one of the most corrupt IAS Officers Indian has ever seen.

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3. Neera Yadav

Neera Yadav corruption chages

She passed UPSC exam in 1971 and got her home state UP as the service cadre. She has been named in various land scams in UP and NCR. Neera Yadav was convicted by a CBI court in 2012. She maintained close political contacts due to which authorities were reluctant to carry investigation against her. In August 2017 the Supreme Court of India upheld her conviction for a two year jail term.

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4. T.O Suraj

t-o-sooraj ias corruption

He is a senior IAS of Kerala cadre. Since 2003 his name has cropped up in many controversies. His name appeared in abetting Hindu-Muslim riots in Marad when he was serving as the District Collector officer. He is accused of many land grabbing cases and amassing assets. While conducting raids at his residence, vigilance and ACB found 20 lakh rupees and assets worth 30 crores. He is also involved in benami transactions.

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5. Rakesh Bahadur

IAS RakeshBahadur corrupt

He is a tainted senior IAS Officer of Uttar Pradesh Cadre. He has very close link with Samajwadi party in UP. Rakesh Bahadur was suspended  in 2009 by BSP when irregularities were observed in Noida land allotment project. He is said to be involved in 4000 crores along  with his associates.

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It can be concluded that though it is a great opportunity to get the coveted post of IAS officer but it has to kept in mind the purpose behind all the hard work and time given by an individual to get to this level was to serve the nation and its people and this can be achieved only when one is passionate and has a sense of responsibility towards one’s role. If such a thinking is developed by IAS officers then certainly our country can become more prosperous.


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