The list of UPSC candidates keeps on increasing every year. The IAS aspirants with the hope of becoming a civil servant start off with their preparation to achieve the final results. Some prosper, while some struggle in the ongoing race. There are many success stories that always inspire and bring out the best in the UPSC candidates. 

However, many aspirants still wonder how those IAS toppers, once aspirants, fought against the odds and achieved their dreams. Instead of following what might not be right and suitable. Here are a few golden tips from IAS toppers that can surely guide and direct the aspirants on the right track. 

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7 Golden Tips from IAS Toppers to achieve success

1) Dedication and Hard work are the right companions

The foremost mantra to achieve success in this rattling competition is to work hard and be dedicated to the cause. Moreover, all the IAS toppers from different backgrounds and cultures had these two things in common. 

They never underestimated the importance of dedication and hard work. This is the reason that they could achieve what they wanted. In the end, burning the midnight lamb never fails to reap success in the future. 

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2) Overview of the Syllabus

The experts always suggest going after the syllabus to form a perfect enriching preparation strategy for UPSC. This enables the candidate to understand and know what to do. At the same time, how to do it. 

Understanding the UPSC syllabus is one of the main points students should keep in mind. The preparation for Prelims and Mains is highly dependent upon it. Therefore, instead of overlooking the topics, the beginning lies in reading out all the topics and subtopics.

The toppers and experts always recommend doing it. 

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3) The importance of Reading To Become IAS Officer

Nobody is a reader by birth. Reading is an art that needs to be inculcated. For some candidates, it’s a hobby, while for some, it can be a monotonous task. Every IAS topper never undermined the importance of reading in their preparation. 

In fact, the ones who cleared the UPSC exams termed themselves as avid readers. It should be highlighted that reading newspapers, magazines, articles, etc are the most important tools in cracking the Prelims round. Moreover, everyone knows that 80% of the Prelims syllabus is followed in the Mains exam. Well, that’s that. 

The Hindu and Business Standard is recommended to follow by the IAS experts for this purpose.

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4) Follow the relevant Verified Sources

The syllabus of UPSC is vast and diversified. Many a time, the aspirants get indulged in deep and many study materials for preparation purposes. 

It is suggested to pursue the quality rather than the quantity. The IAS aspirants should indulge in a few yet resourceful materials. However, many IAS toppers recommend the use of standard textbooks and published works of known academic authors of Civil Services Preparation.

PIB website, AIR report, Yojana Magazine, etc are some of the verified governmental sources for UPSC preparation. 

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5) The Ultimate guiding force

Everyone understands the importance of proper guidance and support system. This not only means the support of family members but also the back up from mentors and teachers.

All three rounds of the UPSC exam require a certain level of mental stability to crack it. If the student deviates or stumbles from the path, a perfect admiring figure is necessary. Moreover, in the Interview round, it’s the personality that is being tested. Therefore, IAS aspirants should always take advice and guidance from the person who went through the same fire. 

The students should get in touch with former IAS aspirants and toppers if possible, to get the right direction. Moreover, this will clear all their doubts and will pave the way for the success to follow. 

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6) The Power of Revision

Never ever retaliate against the power of regular revision. The preparation of an IAS aspirant is never-ending. Even though the syllabus finishes, the aspirants are suggested to go for regular revisions. 

In fact, the process of revision should start alongside the main preparation of the candidate. The method of revision holds the ultimate dominance behind the success of many IAS aspirants. 


7) Learning Time Management to be an IAS Topper

Not just IAS/IPS aspirants, but every student understands the power and utility of time. It might be the last but the most important advice given by all the UPSC achievers. 

Managing time is one of the most crucial yet doable tasks. Therefore, the aspirants should follow a set time table and routine cycle to complement their UPSC preparation. In fact, it’s not the number of hours but the efficiency of one’s vigor that reaps the maximum benefits. 

The whole learning of time management starts from the Prelims to the Interview round at the end. Ultimately, slow and steady always wins the race!

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These are some of the golden suggestions and tips from IAS toppers and are top-performing IAS scorers of India. The aspirants should understand that every person has his/her way of pursuing things. 

Instead of making the above as the direct stepping stones to success, try learning the importance behind them. In this whole process of discovering, it might happen that the aspirant gets to explore his/her own methods. Above all, these tips from IAS officers might be set as an example in the time to follow. 

Be patient and best of luck!

If you have any doubt related to any golden tips/ You can share it with us in the comments below.


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