We all believe that the world is a happy place to live in. However, is it really? Every year thousands of individuals fight against the national UPSC competitors. Only a few in the number of hundreds win this race. Moreover, it would not be wrong to justify that even after overcoming this obstacle, the real hurdle is way tougher and difficult to penetrate. Especially when it is the task of serving the nation amid corruption and other negative factors. These 7 inspiring IAS officers will motivate you to handle every obstacle easily.

Every IAS officer abides by the constitution of India and takes an oath to stay righteous and honest towards the nation. But only a few individuals believe in the phrase that “honesty is the best policy”.

In a country like India, there are corrupt practices of politicians that prevail throughout the nation. Corruption not only hampers the progress but also puts a strain on the integrity of the country. Still, there are some factors or humans that do not believe in these traditional practices. Their ultimate motive is to bypass these follies and bring a change. 

Every coin has two sides- positive and negative. However, these honest individuals popularly known as the IAS officers believed to be on the positive side to fight against the odds. Thereby, serve their motherland. 

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7 Inspiring IAS officers who fought against the political system to bring the necessary changes

Living the duty-driven lives, this article accolades the zeal and determination of those fearless IAS officers who went out of the line to disclose the vices. 

IAS DK Ravi                        

dk ravi ias

DK Ravi was one of the most fearless and inspiring IAS officers who are no more with us. He was in Kolar, Karnataka. 

He catered to each and every need of the people there and made himself available at all times.

He discovered the illegal sand mining business in the Kolar district and reported the same to the officials. However, soon after this, his transfer order came out and this mobility of IAS officer DK Ravi was highly criticized by the general crowd of the region.

Later on, while in Bangalore, he uncovered the tax service evasion of 120 crores. 

Later followed by his suicide. It still seems strange and dicey to know that how can such a happy person commit suicide without reason. 

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IAS Ashok Khemka

IAS Ashok Khemka

For his true deeds, this honest IAS officer was given a party ticket to join the politics. However, he denied the proposal and told that it would be better when the right time comes. 

He has been transferred 53 times on duty in his 28 years of the service cycle. Serving in the Harayana region, he has been designated on several posts. However, in order to serve his post right, he never fails to reiterate against the odds. 

Furthermore, In 2012, his determination led to the cancellation of an illegal land deal between Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra and DLF in Noida. Moreover, this computer scientist and economist have uncovered several similar deals in the past. 

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Durga Shakti Nagpal


This 28-year-old eminent female personality disclosed the illegal sand mining business at the banks of the river Yamuna. Politicians take that well. Soon after this, Durga Shakti Nagpal was suspended on grounds of illegal demolition of a mosque’s wall. 

In addition, Durga Shakti Nagpal’s husband who was serving as the SDM in Mathura was suspended on the charges of human violence. 

However, Durga and her husband’s suspension brought out the fires of riots all over the nation against corrupt practices. 

Currently, Durga Shakti Nagpal is serving as a special officer in the agriculture department in Uttar Pradesh.

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Muggdha Sinha

Muggdha Sinha ias

IAS officer Muggdha Sinha, a women collector served in the Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan in 2010. Also, She revealed the activities of the local mafia in the region.

However, local politicians supported the gangs. Her actions soon led to her transfer to another region. The people of Jhunjhunu highly criticized it as they liked her presence.

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Rashmi V Mahesh

Rashmi V Mahesh

In her 18 years of service, IAS officer Rashmi V Mahesh has been transferred 20 times. She fought against the illegal reservation of seat distribution in medical and engineering colleges. 

In 2014, the angry crowd attacked her in public. Though the reasons are uncertain, it is said it happened because of the exposition of a multi-crore deal in the Administrative Training Institute where she served. 

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Shanmugan Manjunath

shamugan manjunath

This brave IAS officer put up a hard fight against corruption. During this journey, Shanmugan Manjunath even lost his life and inspired many to serve the nation with honesty and bravery.

IAS Shanmugan Manjunath was serving in the Lucknow region where he exposed the illegal practices of a petrol pump. Shanmugan Manjunath was shot dead on the spot when he visited the petrol pump as it started functioning even when the court demanded the opposite.  

To appreciate his bravery, a Bollywood movie named “Manjunath” was released describing his efforts and struggles he went through. 

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Samit Sharma

ias samit sharma

IAS officer Samit Sharma is a notable public figure in the state of Rajasthan. 

The authorities over a trivial matter suspended him from his duties. His clerk refused to stand in the presence of a Congress MLA who entered his office. When asked by the MLA to fire him, Samit Sharma refused to do so.

Moreover, his suspension was followed by huge riots and protests in the state to counter the government. Soon after this, he was appointed for the Commissioner in Investment Bureau, Rajasthan. 

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Reading the above, it might feel that their journey was tough and difficult. Yet they never failed and continued on their path of serving the country right and inspires the country. For fellow entrants who aspire to bring a similar change. These inspiring stories will help them become an IAS officer.



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