The Indian Administrative Services (IAS) are termed as the most prestigious and valued jobs in the country. Every year thousands of the UPSC aspirants give these examinations and await the final outcome. 

The reason why such a mass aspirants go after the IAS is pretty obvious. It is the respect that it gets from society. The IAS officers have always been idealized by society because of their hard work and the zeal to serve their nation after such dedication and hard work.

However, among the students who register for the exams, only a few get to the final destination. Why? Well, the equation is simple to understand. The IAS officers possess the qualities that stand them out among the whole lot. It is very imperative for the students to understand how these qualities and characteristics can create a wholesome impact on their UPSC journey. In order to make our students get acquainted with those qualities, here is a list of common qualities possessed by every IAS officer.

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7 must-have Qualities of the IAS officers are:-

1) Discipline is the key for an IAS:

The foremost and the most important quality of an IAS topper is their discipline and the will power to succeed in life. The journey of the UPSC aspirant is not easy and simple. This directly lies under the section of discipline. The aspirants not only have to leave behind their leisure but also their personal lives to prosper. 

It is important for them to understand the intensity of hard work and dedication required. If he/she fails to do the same, the results would not be favorable. In brief, there should be a strong will power accompanied by the discipline to put in long hours of study and stay motivated.

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2) Staying consistent:

The traits of dedication and consistency come second on the list. Discipline and will power go hand in hand. But it would not be of any use if not followed by dedication and consistency. The syllabus of the UPSC examination is vast and cannot be finished within a few days. Moreover, it requires a rigorous and hardcore practice of months to crack the exam. 

This cannot be done if the aspirant is not dedicated and consistent towards the cause. While pursuing IAS, every day will seem similar and monotonous. However, the aspirant needs to learn to be dedicated and being consistent towards the destination he/she wants to pursue.

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3) A rational-legalized approach:

The civil services require the aspirants to work for the nation wholeheartedly. There will be times when the aspirants might come across individuals who may deter them from their paths. However, the sense of responsibility and loyalty should be induced in the caricature of the aspirant.

They should be rational, unbiased, and responsible while doing his/her duty. He/she should abide by the rules and regulations of the law at all costs. Having this mindset will help the aspirants in dealing with the interview panel.

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4) Time management cycle:

The syllabus of the UPSC examination is vast and catering to different aspects of society. It should be understood by the aspirants to have a time schedule that will help in facilitating the easy approach towards studying it. 

It is always recommended to follow a time table and manage the study hours accordingly. Moreover, the aspirants may have to develop certain qualities during this whole journey to prosper better. 

To make things more understanding, the IAS officer looks at a complete district comprising several villages and towns. Moreover, to deal with such a workload, the quality of managing time is a must.

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5) The power of confidence for an IAS:

Self-believe is as important as the cracking of this humongous task. The IAS aspirants should never stop believing in themselves. This serves as a constant igniting force that keeps them striving ahead day by day. Moreover, everyone has their own technique to derive their share of confidence and motivation. The aspirants, in the same way, should find the tactics that suit them.

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6) The justified principle:

Every IAS officer observes this principle in their day to day working. The aspirants should understand its importance and observe the same in the events happening around them. This will not only give them reason but will also motivate them to use their analytical ability.

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7) Out of the box decision making:

The IAS officers are commended for their out of the box thinking and decision-making ability. This directly follows the fact that the job of a civil servant requires to take events from society and evaluate them in society’s favor. 

For UPSC aspirants, it becomes very predominant to develop this approach before giving the Mains exam. The reason is that they can present it in a style that will showcase their thinking and reasoning capability. 

For an IAS aspirant, these are some of the qualities that he/she can develop over time. For some, it is an easy task because they followed and practiced these all their lives. However, for some, it is something happening for the first time. 

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It should be noted that this is not impossible but time-taking to grow and construct. Therefore, the aspirants should start inculcating these qualities as soon as possible and win the lost cause.



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