It is important to improve English for all UPSC aspirants as language plays a very important in the process of communication. Not only it initiates the whole action but it also makes sure that everything is done accordingly as planned. Over time, the language “English” emerged as the only potential language that solved all the language barriers and brought people closer together. 

In today’s world, English plays a very predominant role in each and every sector of society. In the same way, the aspirants of the UPSC examination are supposed to deal with it. Even though the council allows the candidates to give the exam in their selected language. The UPSC Mains examination comprises a separate English paper that requires to crack the qualifying standards. Moreover, for the interview round it serves as one of the criteria to get selected. Thus, sparing English during the IAS preparation would be a big no. 

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However, in order to prepare the UPSC aspirants to enhance their command over the language, here are a few yet enriching tips to improve English for the IAS preparation.

8 tips to improve English for the IAS preparation are:-

1) Read the newspapers daily:

For the UPSC aspirants, reading on a day to day basis is not something new. Not only it helps them enhance their reading habit but it also complements their overall preparation. However, there will be students who may not be comfortable with English and decide to switch to another language. 

In order to improve English and prosper, read daily articles in English newspapers without fail. Moreover, follow certain editorials which will give access to a wide world of vocabulary. Not only it will help in understanding the language better but it will also give an idea of different styles of writing the exam.

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2) Write on a daily basis:

Every step in the right direction will give energy and a strong reason to pursue the dream. Inculcating the habit of writing answers for the Mains exam is very predominant for the aspirants. It gives them an idea of how to write and in what way to write.

Here, keeping the practice and study the same, change the language mode altogether. If English is not the plus point of the aspirant then writing answers in English will improve his/her stature over the language. Moreover, it will be a beneficiary for the aspirant to focus on the writing skills.

3) Talk, think, and talk to Improve English:

This might sound a little idiotic and silly especially when the aspirants do not know how to do it only. This is where the magic lies. It’s very common to understand that in today’s world, every student has a certain level of command over the English language. However, when the practice is not up to the mark, the list of drawbacks keeps on increasing. Even for the aspirants who are well versed with the art of speaking face difficulty at times in fluent communication. The solution? Well, it’s an art, therefore, keep on polishing it. As it will help you improve English for the UPSC Exam.

The more the aspirant thinks and talks in English, the better the situation will be. Moreover, there are many courses available online which can help them out and serve the whole purpose of practice.

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4) Watch English movies, tv-series, and documentaries:

For an IAS aspirant, this can be a wonderful opportunity to learn and relax at the same time. It’s not very often for a candidate to enjoy such leisures of life especially such a competitive task is at hand. However, learning is the underlying motive and it needs to be done. 

In order to learn new words, new styles of talking, and expressing, it is very important to watch English movies and serials. While doing this exercise, the student should focus on new difficult words and jot them down. Moreover, there should a complete focus on the lines delivered on the screen. This will help in memorizing and constructing new sentences on the way to success.

5) Learn at least 20-30 new words daily:

Having a smooth command over the vocabulary is not something easy and simple. It takes time and a lot of memorizing power to remember and apply. The use of vocabulary in the sentence tells the other party about the standard of English. How to learn new words?

Read the above points again. In addition, get a hold on a good dictionary that comprises a vast ocean of words and their meanings. Learn at least 20-30 words daily to improve the usage of vocabulary.

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6) Write letters to Newspaper editorials:

Remember reading the newspaper editorials? Keep reading them. But this time, just end up writing a full-fledged letter to the other party. This will help in improving not only the writing skills but will also keep the candidate updated with the current affairs while expressing their views. It might complement the memorizing ability too of the aspirant.

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7) Keep acquaintance with the Government Policies and Documents:

Despite having a good command over English, sometimes many aspirants fail to deliver what is required of them. This happens because they are not well-versed with the format and style while writing answers. It should be remembered that the civil examinations inculcate the socio-economic issues, government policies, and other related issues. In order to deliver the mandatory, the aspirants need to make use of the technical language of this field. 

This will maximize their overall score. Moreover, during the interview round, it will highly impress the interview panel.

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8) Solve the questions papers to Improve English:

While it is obvious for the aspirants to solve the previous’ year question papers, it is highly recommended by the experts to focus on the English questionnaire. While practicing those question papers, it will give an idea to the aspirant of what is expected of them.

This will give them an idea of the questions that come and the level of answers it requires. 

Like all other significant things, building a command over the English language could be a vigorous task. Every year many people from different language backgrounds apply and fail due to the language barrier. One of the most important reasons for this is the lack of practice. Therefore, when it comes to English instead of a formal designated approach, try these fun learning techniques and experience the change over time. 

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Well, we sincerely hope that learning English just became a whole lot easier for every IAS aspirant out there and will help you improve English to crack the UPSC Exam.


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