Bharat Darshan is the deeply enriched study tour that enables the Officer Trainees to get acquainted with India’s entirety. However, the purpose behind the origination of this academic tour is to get awareness regarding the economical, social, and cultural backdrop of the country. This 21-day tour to follow the footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi’s Bharat Yatra. 

This article tends to dive deeper into the existence of the Bharat Darshan. Additionally, it helps to understand how it is one of the main events in the UPSC training cycle. However, looking into the training curriculum, the Bharat Darshan familiarizes the trainees with the private and public sectors of India. Moreover, it gives in-depth knowledge about the presence of government bodies such as defense forces, NGOs, media, Parliamentary proceedings, etc. 

All the IAS trainees get into several groups that start their Winter Tour in the 1st Phase of training. So, all these groups under verified authorities travel India to get knowledge regarding various attachments. Different groups cover different regions to prevent overcrowding of officers in one place. Moreover, at the end of the tour, all the trainees should understand the historical and present functioning of the country. The Bharat Tour commences in the month of December and continues till February every year. 

Below we have listed some attachments that the trainees get training under to know about the different zones of India. 

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Defense Attachments:-

– Army: To get accustomed to the armed forces, the OTs are taken to Jammu & Kashmir for a period of one week. This period is generally the longest time on any attachment. However, the purpose is to make the trainees familiarized with the armed bodies and their joined facilitation with the civic bodies. 

– Air Forces: The OTs have to visit the Bidar, Karnataka, or any other Air Force station in the country. So that all the OTs understand the proceedings of the IAF with the Indian civil service departments. 

– Naval Forces: OTs have to visit naval grounds situated in cities like Mumbai, Vishakapatnam, etc. This attachment usually for a stay of 2-3 days.

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NGO Group Attachments

For this, the academic groups are accustomed to various non-profit organizations in the country. Therefore, it can be a wonderful opportunity to understand and evaluate the functioning of NGOs working for the welfare of society. 

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Naxal Prone Attachments

The academic groups visit the various Naxal-hit areas situated in the rural regions of India. However, the ultimate motive is to understand and reason with the situation of Naxalites with the governance. 

Public Sector Attachments

All the trainees are to visit the vicinity of several public undertakings like RBI, SEBI, NSE, etc. The target is to familiarize themselves with the functions and organizational procedures of these bodies. 

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Special Taskforce Attachments

On this attachment, the OTs make contact with several known bodies of the NSG and STF. These government departments look after the security front of the nation. 

Other Diversified Attachments

Along with the above, there are other attachments such as attachments with the district administration and island/forest administration. Additionally, all the trainees visit various National Parks, Museums, and other institutions that have a deep-rooted foundation in India’s backdrop. 

In the end, all the OTs visit the Bureau of Parliamentary Studies to get the Parliamentary Proceedings knowledge. This attachment continues for a period of seven days. 

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Moreover, one should be aware of this fact that the academic tour is by the LSBNAA. The purpose is to expose and test the candidates in the face of governance and diverse related issues in India. 

Bharat Darshan for IAS officers is a program to unite them and made them love the country more than ever. Bharat Darshan for IAS officers is something which they will remember forever.


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