In the chat controversy of Republic TV editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami, the Congress is preparing to surround the government in every way. Congress has said to raise this issue in Parliament also.


In the chat leak controversy of Republic TV editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami, the Congress does not want to leave a stone unturned to surround the government. In a chat with former BARC CEO, the opposition is also asking questions to the Prime Minister. Congress says that leaking of secret things related to military activities is very dangerous and this issue will be raised in Parliament.

Former defense minister AK Antony, former home minister Sushil Shinde, former foreign minister Salman Khurshid and Ghulam Nabi Azad, the opposition’s leader in the Rajya Sabha, will take up the issue in Parliament. Antony has said that this is a crime and Arnab needs to be punished for this. The party has said that an inquiry should be ordered in this matter immediately.


Antony told reporters, “It is clear from these documents that important things related to the security of the country have been leaked and it is a challenge to reach these people in this way.” These people are not authorized to know such things beforehand. After all, how did a journalist get to know about the air strike beforehand. If such information is leaked already, then it also has an impact on the operation. ‘

Antony said that apart from top army officers, only four to five people in the government are aware of such operations. He said, ‘It is not possible to leak this information from the army. Apart from this, the same thing can be leaked from the top civilians in the government. Ministers may also be involved in that. The special thing is that this operation was not known to the entire media but only to a specific journalist.


Anthony was asked how the Congress is linking it when Balakot is not explicitly mentioned in the chat. He replied that the leaked chat contained this information. Congress spokesperson Pawan Kheda said what does it mean when you say something big is going to happen. How can anyone do such a thing without knowing it? Ghulam Nabi Azad said that all this was a trick to manipulate the TRP.


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