Tina Dabi and Athar Aamir

You have heard the love story of many people but this love story is unique and is never glorified. This is unique as it has groomed in as Government set up. This is not like the one in college or b among the college friends.

Tina and Athar

I am talking about Tina Dabi, UPSC CSE 2015 AIR 1 and Athar Aamir, UPSC 2015 AIR 2. Athar lost rank 1 to this beautiful lady Tina Dabi and also his heart.

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Tina Dabi, a Delhi girl born in a Dalit family and Athar, a young intelligent man from Kashmir had to face opposition from many near ones due to their cross-cultural match. Apart from this, they had to face many unexpected problems before they tied themselves in the sacred bond of marriage.

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Tina who is currently serving as SDM of Bhilwara, Rajasthan faced the obstacles created by the society. Our hippocratic society always restricts people who try to bring some change.


An obvious question which can occur in your mind will be – Can two people who are building their career. working together but belonging to different religion cannot fall in love? ( Do share your opinion in comments)



The couple continued their journey and eventually they married 20 March, 2018.  Finally, Love triumphed above all obstacles.

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