We all know how hard the journey of an IAS aspirant is. From the first round of Prelims to the last round of the Personality test, this whole adventure can be tiring, frustrating, and full of drudgery. 

In today’s world, everybody understands the importance of having a degree and a good educational background. However, the aspirants often get stuck with the question of choosing the field which might complement their whole idea of becoming an IAS officer. In our education system, students at various halts are given the option to switch from subject stream to another.

It is at the student’s discretion as to which stream to proceed with. Choosing a particular stream in school/college always helps the aspirants in carrying out their IAS preparation. However, the student should be clear in his/her approach before it gets too late.

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The Question of a Particular Subject Stream

 Selecting the most reasonable of the subject streams plays a significant job in the overall UPSC preparation of a candidate. Aspirants should go for the stream that piques the interest.

Going forward in such a way will only help the aspirant is managing his/her study cycle in the future. The IAS preparation along with the college studies might be a tough prospect. However, it should be understood that it is the zeal and will power that decides the ultimate destiny. The stream of an individual plays an important role. But, there have been examples that clearly state that people from technical backgrounds easily tackled the task at hand. 

In order to tell our readers about a stream that can help their IAS preparation, experts suggest going for Humanities (Arts). This stream not only helps them in tackling Prelims but also enables them to answer basic questions during the Interview. In brief, taking Arts would be the best option to go along with. In its entirety, the students can get access to a wide lot of information that serves the ultimate IAS preparation. 

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Why Arts over other Streams for IAS?

Well, it goes without saying that History, Political science, Economic Development, Sociology, etc form the subject study of the Arts field. If the aspirant has knowledge about the IAS syllabus, he/she can clearly observe all the common topics that are asked in the Prelims round. 

Not only in Prelims, but the Mains Paper also consists of four General Study Papers that comprise the same topics as mentioned above. However, the students need to differentiate the preparation technique for both the examinations. What level of preparation goes for Prelims might not apply in Mains. 

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Moreover, when it comes to choosing the optional subjects, it is noticeable that all the subjects are inter-related. Therefore, by opting for Arts, the candidate can easily select the optional in which he/she has a certain level of knowledge. Additionally, the interviewers usually ask the questions related to the Optional subject of the candidate. This will verify his/her accessibility in doing the job right.

The IAS aspirants can clearly see how the chain that formed in the past affects the future in a certain way. Therefore, make the choice wisely and intelligently. 

No matter what stream a student goes for. It should be seen that it is ultimately the aspirant’s passion that delivers results.  Instead of following the herd’s race, the students should follow their hearts and proceed.

We all know that cracking IAS examination is no child’s game. 

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