The world is in the grip of COVID-19 or popularly known as the ‘Coronavirus’. In these times entire humanity suffers but there are individuals who never fail to fight against the odds. At last, civil servants are the ones who should be termed as the real ‘Avengers’. 

Amid times likes these, the real superheroes are the ones who can derive opportunities even out of the worst adversities. It would not be wrong to say that it’s the courage, bravery, and whole-heartedness of IAS and IPS officers that emerge as heroes serving the society. In this global virus crisis, it’s just not the civil servants but also the integrated efforts of doctors, nurses, police officers, sanitation workers, etc that is impacting India in a positive direction. 

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What is Coronavirus and how does it affect India?

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is a virus that emerged from the local territory of Wuhan in China. This virus has now reached each and every corner of the world affecting the global economies on a larger scale. In February 2020, the WHO termed Coronavirus as a ‘pandemic’ affecting the entire humanity on the earth. 

As the reports disclose, it is said that this virus reached the Indian boundaries in the month of January. Since then, it has been spreading within the nation through certain inhuman activities. The Government of India, in order to tackle this situation, announced a nationwide lockdown starting from 25th March to 3rd May 2020. 

As the whole nation is under lockdown, it is the civil servants who are fighting out in the field. Their efforts are completely directed towards saving the human race from getting impacted by this situation. 

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Is it a Blessing in Disguise for UPSC aspirants?

As the magnitude of the situation rises, the UPSC aspirants can derive enough to get motivation from the COVID-19 pandemic. It should instill a sense of urgency within the aspirants to stop further degeneration. However, everybody knows that we cannot do much in the present times. But the future bureaucrats should keep up with their academic progress to serve the country.  

These students should clearly understand how IAS and IPS officers solve the fundamental issues of society. It is understood, in today’s time, any meager problem can arise in a situation that can threaten the entire humanity. But it is in the power of civil servants to exercise their authority. And take steps to prevent any global crisis. 

In brief, what can be the biggest inspiration than to provide meals to migrants who are stuck in cities away from home?; What can be the biggest source of inspiration than to serve the country day and night. And making sure that humanity lives by the efforts?; At last, what can be the biggest inspirational source than to serve the humanity amid the biological crisis?

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What’s in it for the UPSC aspirants?

Once in a half-century, a crisis emerges always, at the end of which there are personalities that can never be forgotten. As soon as the nation recovers from COVID-19, we will hear about people who fought on the frontline. They will be termed as heroes and fighters who saved entire humanity. This can be an opportunity for the aspirants to utilize their time efficiently and become one of the heroes too. 

We all need to remember how one step can lead to another. Therefore, by becoming a hero to one’s family, the UPSC achievers can become heroes to millions of people out there in this COVID-19 pandemic. However, it is in the hands of aspirants to decide whether to contemplate situations like these or to emerge victoriously.

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As time is passing, the UPSC aspirants have to decide whether to study or count the number of COVID-19 cases worldwide. The decision theirs to make. 

Meanwhile, we sincerely hope that all the aspirants put in their efforts to prepare for the Prelims scheduled in June 2020. 



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