Despite the rising demand for private service in the economy, we still have data that reiterates that administrative services still rules the youth spirits. Every year thousands of individuals apply for the civil services exam. Moreover, this trend of registration keeps on increasing every year. So, here we will discuss the difference between an IAS officer and a PCS officer.

According to the survey, the Indian Administrative Services receives over 9 to 10 lakh applications every year. Moreover, If we take the Pubic Service Commission of every state in question, the numbers will clearly go up in crores. 

Every aspirant has his/her reason for joining these government services. Some tend to fulfill their parents’ wishes, while some want to have suitable secured life in the future. However, there is a line between the IAS and the PCS of the country. 

Here is a list of points that clearly defines the difference between the IAS and the PCS in terms of recruitment, service, and their salaries.

Selection and recruitment:

For IAS Officers

The IAS officers are supposed to sit for the UPSC examinations. The Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT), appointed by the Central Government, regulates their recruitment process. 

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For PCS Officers

On the other hand, PCS officers are supposed to write the State Public Service Commission exams. Furthermore, the Central Government appoints the State Administrative Tribunal that regulates and exercise the jurisdiction in consultation with the concerned state. This is done for the process of recruitment and selection.

Exam Pattern: 

For IAS Officers

The UPSC exams are conducted in three rounds of Prelims, Mains, and the Interview. Also, the Prelims includes the CSAT (compulsory qualifying aptitude test) that reasons with the logical and aptitude ability of the candidate. The UPSC exams are based on concepts rather than factual information.

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For PCS Officers

On the other hand, even PCS exams are conducted in three rounds. However, the exams are based on factual information rather than the conceptual. It is not mandatory for the PCS to organize the CSAT. Instead of having an optional subject, some states may prescribe for a compulsory regional language paper.

Allocation and Appointment:                           

For IAS Officers

The President of the country appoints the IAS Officers. However, the State governments allocate them for their duties.

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For PCS Officers

On the other hand, the Governor of the State in question recruits the PCS officers. They function and discharge their duties under the total jurisdiction of the State governments.

Salary structure:

For IAS Officers

The salaries and pensions of the IAS officers are regulated, decided, and transferred by the Cadre state in which they operate. However, All the IAS officers are given a uniform salary throughout the nation. Their respective states do not make any distinction in the transfer of their salaries. Moreover, As there are several posts under the Indian Administrative Services, the individual post may be entitled to different numbers and payroll.

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For PCS Officers

On the other hand, the salaries of the PCS officers are in the hands of the concerned State governments. The pay scale may vary from one state to another. 

Inculcating a wide range of promotion opportunities, both the departments enjoy its benefits. However, it should be understood that both positions are ultimately working for the welfare of its people. Thereby, serving the nation to its fullest.

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