Worried about filling the Detailed Application Form (DAF) for the Mains? Well, we are here to help our prospering candidates who successfully cleared the Prelims round and now moving forward.

The Detailed Application form is the second form which is to be filled by the selected candidates from the Prelims. Overall 15,000 candidates fill this form ever year. 

It should be duly noted that this form is of utmost importance and should be filled with careful supervision. Any irregularities on the form can result in the rejection of the candidate.

In order to educate our fellow aspirants, here is a list of top Do’s and Don’t’s that they should keep in mind while filling the DAF.

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Some DO’s and DON’T’s while filling the Detailed Application Form (DAF) are:

The Online Portal

Every year submission of the DAF incorporates a new method or some minute changes. The DAF is available to the selected aspirants on the UPSC council’s website. 

Earlier, the candidates attach all the necessary documents with the mail. However, with time, the UPSC DAF process became completely tech-friendly. The candidates can submit the DAF online keeping in view the mentioned guidelines. 

However, they should keep checking the website from time to time for any new information put up there. 

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After the filling of the DAF, the summary sheet will be processed in the candidate’s name. The two pages of DAF (summary sheet) usually cater to the questions regarding the hobbies and interests. The candidate should be honest and true while filling up these blanks. It is not mandatory but experts say that the Interview round is usually based on the summary sheet.

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The Preferences for Service and Cadre

These preferences are related to the service and cadre the person wants to join.

These preferences should be filled with careful consideration as they cannot be changed in the future.

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Examination form fee

It should be observed that the UPSC council caters to different reservation categories. Therefore, the examination fee will vary from one reservation class to another.

The council will accept the payment through online mode only. Make sure to process the payment before the time runs out. It is important to pay the examination fee first to submit your DAF with the UPSC council.

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Date/time of registration for DAF

All the details regarding the start and last date of registration are mentioned on the UPSC council’s webpage. The candidates need to access the website, again and again, to know recent happenings.

If the candidates miss out the dates of registration or fail to submit the proper documents in time, he/she will be rejected. And it should be noted that there is no going back.


Check the guidelines for DAF

daf upsc
Page 1
Page 2
3rd Page
UPSC daf form
Page 4

This is regarding the documents that are to be submitted to the UPSC council online to complete the DAF process.

Following pointers need to be inculcated

– The documents should be scanned and put in the PDF format which is not password supported.

– The file length should not exceed more than 3 MB.

– The documents should be 200 dpi grey scale.

Download: NCERT Books

While filling the DAF form for the Mains exam the above guidelines should be kept in mind. To provide a detailed study of the same, a clear cut differentiation is not made. However, it covers everything to know better and in-depth about the DAF structure. 


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