Download UPSC 2016 MAINS Question Paper


UPSC is a body which conducts various exams. In this article we will be providing you Question Paper of UPSC Civil Service Mains and optional Exam. You can Download UPSC 2016 Mains question paper very easily from below.

Download UPSC 2016 Mains QUESTION PAPER

UPSC Mains is conducted in every year in the month of September-October. Below we are providing you UPSC 2016 Mains General Studies as well as Essay Exam Question Paper. You must download them as these are the compulsory paper and scoring high in them can really help you in securing a good rank. Click on the link Below and download UPSC 2016 mains question paper.

Download UPSC 2016 Mains Essay and General Studies Paper
Essay (Compulsory)
English (Compulsory)
General Studies Paper – I
General Studies Paper – II
General Studies Paper – III
General Studies Paper – IV

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UPSC 2016 Compulsory Paper Download

Now , we will be providing you Compulsory paper of UPSC Civil Services. You have to just clear this exam. You have to choose only one subject. Marks in this subject will not be counted but you have to clear this exam in order to give other Mains Exam. Click on the Paper to download it.

Download UPSC CSE Compulsory Paper, 2016
Assamese (Compulsory)
Bengali (Compulsory)
Bodo (Compulsory)
Dogri (Compulsory)
Gujarati (Compulsory)
Hindi (Compulsory)
Kannada (Compulsory)
Konkani (Compulsory)
Maithili (Compulsory)
Malayalam (Compulsory)
Marathi (Compulsory)
Nepali (Compulsory)
Oriya (Compulsory)
Punjabi (Compulsory)
Sindhi (Arabic) (Compulsory)
Sindhi (Devanagari) (Compulsory)
Sanskrit (Compulsory)
Santhali (Compulsory)
Tamil (Compulsory)
Telugu (Compulsory)
Urdu (Compulsory)

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UPSC 2016 Mains Optional Subject Paper


You have to choose one Optional Subject for UPSC Mains. You can download the UPSC Optional Exam Paper by Clicking on the subject name.

Download UPSC CSE Mains Optional Subject Paper, 2016
Agriculture Paper – I
Agriculture Paper – II
Animal Hus & Vet. Sc. Paper – I
Animal Hus & Vet. Sc. Paper – I
Anthropology Paper – I
Anthropology Paper – II
Botany Paper – I
Botany Paper – II
Chemistry Paper – I
Chemistry Paper – II
Civil Engineering Paper – I
Civil Engineering Paper – II
Commerce & Accountancy Paper – I
Commerce & Accountancy Paper – II
Economics Paper – I
Economics Paper – II
Electrical Engineering Paper – I
Electrical Engineering Paper – II
Geography Paper – I
Geography Paper – II
Geology Paper – I
Geology Paper – II
History Paper – I
History Paper – II
Law Paper – I
Law Paper – II
Management Paper – I
Management Paper – II
Mathematics Paper – I
Mathematics Paper – II
Mechanical Engineering Paper – I
Mechanical Engineering Paper – II
Medical Science Paper – I
Medical Science Paper – II
Philosophy Paper – I
Philosophy Paper – II
Physics Paper – I
Physics Paper – II
Political Science & IR Paper – I
Political Science & IR Paper – II
Psychology Paper – I
Psychology Paper – II
Public Administration Paper – I
Public Administration Paper – II
Sociology Paper – I
Sociology Paper – II
Statistics Paper – I
Statistics Paper – II
Zoology Paper – I
Zoology Paper – II

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UPSC 2016 Mains Literature Optional Paper

A candidate can also choose a language as his optional subject if he doesnot like above subject. You can download the Literature Optional Subject from the link below.

Download Literature Optional Subject, 2016
Assamese Literature Paper – I
Assamese Literature Paper – II
Bengali Literature Paper – I
Bengali Literature Paper – II
Bodo Literature Paper – I
Bodo Literature Paper – II
English Literature Paper – I
English Literature Paper – II
Gujarati Literature Paper – I
Gujarati Literature Paper – II
Hindi Literature Paper – I
Hindi Literature Paper – II
Kannada Literature Paper – I
Kannada Literature Paper – II
Maithili Literature Paper – I
Maithili Literature Paper – II
Malayalam Literature Paper – I
Malayalam Literature Paper – II
Manipuri Literature Paper – I
Manipuri Literature Paper – II
Marathi Literature Paper – I
Marathi Literature Paper – II
Oriya Literature Paper – I
Oriya Literature Paper – II
Punjabi Literature Paper – I
Punjabi Literature Paper – II
Sanskrit Literature Paper – I
Sanskrit Literature Paper – II
Santali Literature Paper – I
Santali Literature Paper – II
Sindhi (Arabic) Literature Paper – I
Sindhi (Arabic) Literature Paper – II
Sindhi (Devanagari) Literature Paper – I
Sindhi (Devanagari) Literature Paper – II
Tamil Literature Paper – I
Tamil Literature Paper – II
Telugu Literature Paper – I
Telugu Literature Paper – II
Urdu Literature Paper – I
Urdu Literature Paper – II

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Do download UPSC 2016 Mains Question Paper. If you are facing any problem then do share it with us.