“Success is when your signature changes to Autograph”, remember this quote by the former President of India Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam? Dreams come true but only when a person burns the midnight lamp. The daughter of a bus conductor driven by her dreams to get designated on one of the top positions in the Union Public Service Commission, did everything to pursue her desire to attain power by becoming an IPS officer.

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Story Of IPS Officer Shalini Agnihotri:-

Shalini Agnihotri, the daughter of a bus conductor, is a native of Thathal village in Una district of Himachal Pradesh. Thinking of her good-old-days, Shalini did her schooling from DAV school in Dharamshala. 

Later on, completed her bachelor’s in Agriculture from Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University, Palampur. 

Recalling one of the incidents from her childhood where one man refused to take his hands off of the seats on which Shalini and her mother were sitting while traveling on a bus. She then understood the importance of power in one’s hands and decided to attain a position that will derive her the same in the future. She then made a decision to become an IPS Officer.

Shalini, without telling any of her relatives, started preparing for the civil services examination secretly. She also took the help free help of the virtual media and highly praises the role, it played in her success. At the same time, she read everything she could get a hold on that would suit her preparation. The magazines, newspapers, bulletins, research articles, and other sources of information were here constant companions. 

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Family Background:-

According to Shalini, her mother Shubhlata, a housewife always backed the dreams of her and her two siblings. Belonging to a backward region could never surpass her vision. In her words, “The region I was born into is considered to be a rather backward area in the district. Despite all that, I am rather proud of how my siblings and I managed our lives. My elder sister is a dental surgeon, and my younger brother is commissioned as a Lieutenant in the Indian Army”. 

Looking into her past at the academy, she was termed as the best all-around-trainee at the 65th batch of IPS. However, her list of achievements is enough for the younger aspirants to stay true to their competitive journey. 

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Achievements of IPS Shalini Agnihotri

She was honored with the President’s Baton and the Home Ministry’s Revolver. In addition, she was also given the best trainee tag, she acclaimed the best female officer in outdoor projects. 

Her essay on “communal harmony and national integration” was well received. Moreover, Shalini got presented with the trophy for investigation during her training days in the academy.

This success ladder of a bus conductor’s daughter might seem unrealistic. However, her dream of becoming an IPS officer would be completely criticized if she paid heed to her surroundings.

As she says,

They came from backgrounds of very little formal education but were keen that the three of us had a good education. I have no one on either side of my family or even relatives in the services or IPS officers, and hence, there were times when my dreams seemed very far-fetched.

Shalini Agnihotri IPS

Currently, she is posted as the Superindentent of Police in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. Moreover, her success journey is a source of inspiration for many girls in Thathal who want to be like her. However, she was the first girl from her Thathal to crack UPSC Exam.

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Still, wondering if you can clear the UPSC examination and become like the IPS Officer Shalini Agnihotri?


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