Many aspirants across India have this question in their mind – ‘Do I need to join coaching centers for cracking IAS? Can we Crack UPSC Exam Without Coaching?’ IAS preparation demands self-belief and confidence than believing or relying on someone. If you prepare sincerely then certainly you can crack it.

Prelims And Mains Strategy Without Coaching

By getting familiar with the topics on each syllabus and part of the exam. Aspirants can concentrate on the scoring areas and start for an earlier preparation for the IAS Exam. Therefore, Understand the UPSC pattern and procedure first then go through the UPSC syllabus thoroughly. Start reading a few books and watch video lectures online for a few basic subjects.

The three stages of IAS exam are as follows:

  1. Civil Services – Preliminary Examination – Objective Type (Qualifier)
  2. Civil Services – Main Examination – Written Test
  3. Interview / Personality Test

The General paper consists of 100 questions and the General Ability Test contains about 80 questions.

Understand the competition and prepare your mindset for it

The IAS exam is considered to be one of the toughest exams in our Country. With a huge syllabus and increasing competition, each year about 10 Lakh aspirants taking the exams, only 1% are chosen for IAS. So, keep your mind and body trained in an optimistic way that you can crack the IAS exam with the right guidance and hard work. Believe that you can Crack UPSC Exam without Coaching.


Focus the subject on your passion and familiarity

The knowledge of the aspirants may vary on each and individual. Therefore, Knowing one’s strengths on each subject can help to focus on the important topics to be covered and in considering the weakness, the candidates should put on more effort in subjects they find difficult and schedule extra time to prepare for them.

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Read Newspaper to gain knowledge in Current Affairs

Reading Newspapers keeps you well informed about a country’s economic situation, sports, games, entertainment, trade, and commerce including Current Affairs. The key idea for aspirants preparing for IAS is to focus on political and economic sections, both the national level and international level. However, Listening to All India Radio (AIR), Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha may increase your knowledge in Current Affairs.

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Refer Previous Year UPSC Question Papers

Usually, people have a doubt whether is it possible to crack IAS without coaching, yes it is possible by referring to previous year question papers. Moreover, It plays a big-time role in the preparation of the IAS Exam. However, By reviewing those papers, the aspirants can get familiarized with the type of questions asked. In addition to it, they can understand the format of the question paper of IAS preparation without coaching.

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Mock tests   

How to start preparation for IAS without coaching? The solution is mock tests. Mock tests are similar to the final exams because with the same paper pattern only the marks don’t count. Moreover, It is very helpful in knowing your strengths and weakness and helps in giving better results on time consumption per question. Therefore, candidates should attend numerous mock tests and evaluate them and by it, he/she can come to know their knowledge in the subject and improve them efficiently.

Performance Analysis

This is an important part wherein students should analyze their performance in mock tests periodically. Moreover, With the help of the performance analysis, the candidates can track the progress of their preparation. Therefore, performance analysis helps the candidates to know their strength and weakness and work hard to achieve in IAS exam.

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Books For IAS Preparation

Reading books in the genre category help to thrive knowledge in the field of study to become IAS toppers without coaching. Moreover, proper preparation can help them to cover varied topics of related subjects. The confusion of Which book is best for IAS prelims? is cleared here.

Download: NCERT Books

Additional Tips For IAS Exam Preparation

In addition to steps to prepare for IAS examination, we have included some useful and effective tips to be followed during IAS exam preparation which are:

Time Management for IAS exam preparation

Time management is essential in everyone’s life. There is an Old saying,”Time and Tide wait for no man”. Therefore, time should be considered as an important factor by students and aspirants who are preparing for the IAS exam.

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Prioritize your study plan

A perfect plan is where all it starts and ends well. Therefore, UPSC aspirants preparing for the IAS exam should prioritize their study subjects based on the level of difficulty. If the student finds Geography quite difficult, then he/she should focus on more time in that subject for understanding.

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Follow the Divide and Study method

The Divide and study method is an important factor for how to Crack UPSC exam without coaching that every IAS aspirants need to follow. While preparing for the exam never try to read in a single set as this may lead to losing interest in the subjects and tends to skip pages. Try to break the topics and understand each topic clearly.

Avoid procrastination

Try not to postpone the study plan or while reading an important topic as the cost of it is severe. Therefore, Students/aspirants should stick to their plans and follow plans accordingly with a determined mind and self-control.


Self-control is not an easy art to master and one who does can conquer the world. That’s right; However, Students shouldn’t waste time in unproductive activities like hanging out with friends, unwanted discussion, regular spending time to watch movies and it’s best to avoid activities like this to get desired results.

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Interview Strategy

How to crack upsc inerview without coaching

Here are the few golden rules to ace UPSC interviews

First Impression

it is essential for you that you create a good impression in the mind of the interviewers. However, this perception is formed on the basis of the totality of your personality that is reflected by you the moment you enter the interview room. And your pattern of interaction with the interviewers within the first few minutes.

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Body language

Tips are meaningless unless a candidate passes through a process of :

  • having a clear understanding and conviction of required Positive Personality traits. 
  • regular practice for nourishing and nurturing them. 
  • positive external feedback and inner satisfaction about improvement.


Communication skills are in the form of one’s ability to express one’s views and listen to other’s views effectively. The first rule is to be a good listener. It is not found frequently in practice. However, Candidates are always found to be eager in talking or giving answers. However, one should know that the answers become relevant only when you have responded correctly to whatever has been asked to you not what you know or think about something else. That’s why one should try to develop the habit of paying attention to what people have to say then only one should try to respond.

Common Sense

Common sense is very important for a person’s success. It means to be alert about your surroundings, knowing what is happening around you, how you can learn from it and how wisely you are able to apply it. Moreover, the components of common sense answers are:

  • the answer lies in the question itself.
  • a sense of humor.
  • positive response to a negative question.
  • creative thinking

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Appear for Mock Interview   

Before appearing in the Interview for Civil Services Examination, it would be great to evaluate your preparation and want to ascertain how people rate you. Appearing in ‘Mock interview’ is your decision and all about your preparation strategy. Therefore, Understand the basic purpose of ‘Mock Interviews’ is to gain confidence, not how to act in front of the Interview Board. No harm in reaching out to experts, seniors, successful candidates who can guide you to sail through the Personality Test.

However, if you have any doubts related to Crack UPSC Exam without Coaching then do share it with us in the comments sections below.


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