The world is a small place to live in. Every year, there are thousands of governmental vacancies that demand the recruitment of the topmost qualified individuals of the nation. The method of operations of these positions might be different from one another. However, they always have an inter-related level of operations. The government, in order to fill several civil vacancies, holds the UPSC exams every year.

The placing of these aspirants are on various authoritarian positions in civil services departments. The departments comprise the posts of IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS, and several similar governmental positions. However, amongst all these, there are two other departments that peak the interests of many candidates in terms of application and selection procedure. RAW and Intelligence Bureau (IB) are those two prestigious departments. 

R&AW (Research and Wing Analysis), RAW and IB are the secret bodies of the Indian Central government. They are directly accountable to the Prime Minister’s Office and get their duties by the PM himself. Moreover, circulating of whatever information among them is to be of a highly confidential nature. 

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What is the procedure to get into RAW and IB?

RAW and IB never give out a direct recruitment notice to enroll candidates under their heads. The experts always hint that RAW recruits aspirants from other departments such as IAS/IPS which are recruited through UPSC Exam, Armed Forces, Intelligence Agencies, etc. In recent years, filling most of the RAW vacancies were by the senior officers of the Intelligence Bureau. These officers have a certain level of expertise and seniority in their field of operations. That is the predominant reason; they become the most suitable options for the intelligence vacancies to get in. 

With developments and certain amendments, these days, recruitment of aspirants can be directly from reputed universities and colleges. You should know that RAW and IB is a full-fledged functioning department. This means that there are several positions such as clerks, accountants, front desk managers, etc for the applicants to serve in.  

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What are the Several Important Positions in the RAW and IB Hierarchy?

Looking into the organizational hierarchy, the topmost position is that of the Director in the agency. To fill this position the officers from Indian Police Services or any Grade 1 service department. This comprises the Armed forces, Intelligence Services, etc. In order to evaluate the competence of these officers, the RAS (RAW Allied Service) exam is conducted. This tests their abilities and on-field knowledge to serve as a RAw officer. 

Then, come the Field officers. These are the actual officers who conduct on-field operations in certain situations. As the director, they are also appointed from armed forces, administrative services, police departments, etc. This category is devoted to several heads under its functioning- Senior Field Officer, Deputy Field Officer, and Assistant Field Officer. 

The Analyst level follow this. It is one of the most important levels of the whole hierarchy. It consists of Intelligence Officers, Central Intelligence Officers, and Junior Officers. 

Apart from the above, there are several fields that appoint individuals on the basis of their expertise in RAW. It includes departments like Computer operations, Interpreters, Logistics managers, etc. The aspirant needs to have a certain level of expertise for selection in their field of interest. The candidates need to prove themselves and only then they can hope for their future in the secret agencies of the government. 

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What are the Future Scenarios?

The aspirants should understand the confidentiality of these secret bodies of the government. Whatever modifications and alterations are there, they are never share out in the public to notice. 

Coming to the appointment of officers, there have been debates for the facilitation of direct recruitment of candidates.

RAW and IB are the two most important departments of the Indian Government. They are independent agencies working in different parts of the world to provide information to India. Working in these departments is no child’s play. Moreover, it’s not for someone who demands respect and recognition for their services. Everything whether it is a task or report is kept secret at all times. Therefore, if he/she is willing to be a secret officer, then it might be the best option to become James Bond and start working on the individual personality. 

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If you have any doubts about how you can join IB and Raw after UPSC. Then share them with us in the comments section below.



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