UPSC Mains examination is the second obstacle in the spree of the Civil Services Examination. The Union Public Service Commission conducts this highly competitive exam in the month of August or September tentatively every year. The syllabus of UPSC Mains is very vast and includes topics that are a part of the UPSC Prelims too. It should duly be noted that the structure of UPSC Mains is far from different from the UPSC Prelims. 

The Indian Administrative Services online portal provides guidelines on how to prepare smartly for this national level exam. Many online portals convey that only twenty percent of the students out of the whole lot clear the mains and go on to the next round of the interview. UPSC Mains core study comprises nine subjects that evaluate the candidates in terms of the descriptive knowledge possessed by them. The appearing candidates should be well versed with the prelims syllabus and should be flexible enough to deal with the wider nine aspects of the set study. 

Dealing with a low passing percentage, it might be a bit overwhelming for entrants to face the national competition. This article is written to provide them with basic tips on how to prepare for UPSC Mains 2020.

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5 Tips To Prepare For UPSC Mains 2020

1. Construct An Approach

You are done with your UPSC Prelims and now looking forward to facing the UPSC Mains which will be conducted in a few months. Instead of being scared by the whole scenario, derive a study plan to face it. Highlight the dates of all the GS papers and the core subjects to be dwelled upon. In order to be thorough with the current affairs, take out time to follow newspapers every day.

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2. Make Books Your Friends

Just like Prelims, start having book reading sessions to get a hold on all the topics to be studied later on. As a result, you will already have an idea of where to start and how to start for the mains. Get yourself the basic textbooks of the designated syllabus. Start off with the topics that pique your interest. By this, the aspirant will already get acquainted with most of the topics. Later on, approach the more detailed subjects.

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Write Your Answers!

Get in touch with the previous years’ question papers of the UPSC Mains examination. This will help the students in understanding the level and the intensity of the questions asked during the examination. Moreover, start the writing practice along with it. Considering the past answering pattern, the students are supposed to write answers of three hundred words each. 

Maintaining the rhythm of writing answers is very necessary because the evaluation will be done on writing and not on the knowledge gained. Moreover, do not put everything for the last moment, instead, by doing it every day can increase your chances of slaying the monster easily.

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Revise The Past

One of the most important tips is to revise, revise, and revise. While concentrating on the new subject study, it is highly imperative to stay familiar with past topics. The syllabus of UPSC Mains inculcates a percentage of the Prelims exam. This will help the students to focus, dedicate, and concentrate on their studies accordingly without any stress.

Taking out sufficient time every day for revision can do the magic trick. The concept of revision is very important if the students want to prosper in the IAS exam.

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The Virtual Path

Above are the most fruitful tips to be followed for clearing the UPSC Mains examination. To support the students more and release their mental anxiety, the students are advised to follow the virtual world of the internet. This is done in order to be well aware of their political, social, and economic scenario. 

Moreover, this also backs up the possibility of brushing up the general current affairs from time to time. The virtual world is full of websites that provide general study material free of cost for the student-class. These portals organize weekly and monthly quizzes for the students to test, evaluate, and mark their progress accordingly.

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To tackle the national educational competition, I hope this article serves the best to its fellow entrants of the UPSC Mains 2020. The tips are formulated keeping in view the past practices as well as the present scenario of the IAS world. 


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