The habit of reading is considered to be one of the best ways to gain a tremendous amount of knowledge. It goes without saying that inculcating such a habit in day to day will not only help in understanding better but will also increase one’s intellect. This tactic of reading books and novels has been followed by the masses for pleasure. But reading newspapers is something that is quite popular and common in the IAS community. This is where “The Hindu” comes in the view.

The Hindu is the most prescribed paper for the UPSC aspirants. Anyway, many are befuddled about by what method should they finish ‘The Hindu’ in the least time covering the top-priority zones.

Generally, reading a newspaper takes up to 5-6 hours daily in order to finish it. But considering the vast syllabus of the Indian Administrative Services, where the aspirant has to focus on a lot in less time, taking 6 hours is a big NO. 

The IAS community believes in working hard, it’s true. However, the success mantra lies in being smarter. The IAS Toppers usually recommend The Hindu for its factual data rather than its opinionized base.

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Reading The Hindu is not mandatory for the UPSC aspirants. It is just that it makes a clear cut demarcation between facts and opinions. At the same time, it ignores time-consuming news like Bollywood masala/controversies, and other related trivial pieces.

Here are some guidelines on how to finish The Hindu within 60 minutes, so that the aspirants can focus on other books and study materials.

It should be noted that these are some suggestions that may vary from one person to another depending upon their schedule and study pattern. But these might help you in IAS Exam Preparation.


7 Tips You Must Follow While Reading The Hindu For IAS Exam Preparation

1) Always know about the syllabus first.

Having an idea about the topics, drills, and other study aspects will help in managing the time while reading the newspaper.

2) Stay away from the political as well as sports news.

Getting an idea about the political scenario, once in a while, would be good enough. It is highly unlikely to get questions on the same in the UPSC exam. Therefore, do not waste your time on these.

3) The socio-economic articles are termed as superlative while reading the Hindu newspaper.

Focus on the pieces such as women empowerment, health policies, educational backdrops, etc which impact the various classes.

4) The verdicts passed by the High courts and the Supreme court are of utmost importance. DO NOT MISS THEM OUT.

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5) Never leave the Editorial Section.

While reading the Hindu, the editorial section is considered to be one of the most important pages of the whole set. Pay attention to every editorial on the left side margin. Then proceed towards the main heading. Following this, finish devouring the “Letters to the editors” as this will present various opinions on the issue stated. 

What the IAS toppers have one thing in common is that they suggest putting at least 30-40 minutes in this section every day. 

6) The international news section in the Hindu should not be taken lightly.

Any recent trends and changes should be paid heed to. Moving ahead with the business news, it’s imperative to focus on growth measures, the GDP numbers, and effective implementation of policies, if any. 

7) Do not prosper to strengthen the basic concepts.

Understanding basic concepts and clearing doubts while reading the newspaper is not possible. So in experts’ words, don’t even think about investing any time in it while reading.

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How a beginner can follow these tips?

For a beginner, this may seem like a humongous task. However, with practice and dedication, the aspirants will understand the need to read accordingly. This will not only establish their knowledge pillars but will also form a deep understanding of the hot topics. 

While doing the IAS Exam preparation, reading every day should be inculcated as a hobby and not a task.  This is significant with the goal so that you can extract the most extreme advantage out of this procedure. 

So, did you book your monthly membership for The Hindu?



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