The title itself says a lot about the personality in question as IAS Ashok Khemka has served the nation for 28 years till now and has been a hot topic for the media universe. What’s his story? Well, let’s just say, he has been transferred on duty 53 times in his whole service period. It wouldn’t be a surprise to think that while reading this article, his other transfer might be in pipeline. Why? If we put it in his words then,

“Prize of honesty is humiliation”.

Ashok Khemka IAS

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IAS Ashok Khemka’s Biography

Ashok Khemka, a full-fledged Marwari by origin was born in Kolkata, India in the year 1965. Looking into his personal family life, not much is known about him or his childhood days. He completed his schooling from St. Xavier’s Collegiate, Kolkata. 

Soon after his schooling, this young-spirited intellect did his graduation in B.TECH from IIT-Kharagpur. This was followed by his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai. In addition, he did his MBA degree in Business Administration and Finance. 

Ashok Khemka, the enthusiastic visionary IAS officer cracked the civil services exam in the year 1991. This followed his joining the Haryana cadre of young IAS officers.  

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Ashok Khemka’s IAS Journey

ias ashok khemka

When talking about the IAS journey of Ashok Khemka, it surely is a huge token of respect towards his honesty and integrity.

In 1991, Ashok Khemka joined the Haryana cadre and completed his 2 years training in the field. Later, he got his first posting of Sub-divisional Magistrate (SDM).

His list of designations is never-ending considering his transfers from one place to another. As stated, this 54-year-old yet young comrade got 53 transfers in his 28 years of the working cycle. Moreover, looking into details, Ashok Khemka always believes in doing his duty rightfully without any irregularities. This nature of his always kept him at the noses of several politicians and businessmen. 

As goes by the law that an IAS officer cannot be transferred before the period of 2 years, Ashok’s profile never came under it. He served at different positions in different regions though only for a few months. His crusade against corruption never let him stay in one place. 

He served as the secretary to the Government of Haryana, under the Department of Archives and Archaeology in 2013. His steady persona towards the mishappenings in the department led him to issue a complaint with CBI. However, the government did not agree to it and soon it ended up in loopholes. This matter was later approached by a Bhiwani-based NGO that covered a similar scam.

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His Controversial Highlights:

IAS Ashok Khemka always believed in the power of truth and honesty. In 2012, he surfaced an illegal land deal of Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra in Gurugram. 

This detective of underhand scams also revealed the Sonepat-Kharkhoda IMT land scam and Garhi Sampla Gagan land case. 

Accused of not doing his duties properly for the Harayana Seed Development Corporation, two charge sheets were filed against him. Ashok believed that his spree of charge sheets will not be over anytime soon, as he says,I have reliably heard that 10 charge sheets will be filed against me on frivolous grounds along with 10 private complaints,”.

As a result, this step by Harayana authority was highly criticized in penalizing the true-honor of an officer.

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His Token Of Appreciation:

In 2011, Ashok received the S.R Jindal Prize for “Crusade Against Corruption” along with Sanjay Chaturvedi. Moreover, he received an enormous amount of 10 lakhs for his services.

 In 2009, he received the Manjunath Shanmugam Trust Commendation on Public works.

It would not be wrong to say that in a country Iike India, corruption in public and private departments is a daily practice. However, officers like Ashok Khemka to supervise and screen are a must need. His years of experience not only gave him the prosperity in the civil services but also the power to deal with the vices of society. 

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With his confidence and true deeds, he gathered enough strength to face the death threats on his family and himself. As of 2020, IAS Ashok Khemka is currently serving in the Archives Department under the Haryana Government.


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