The dream of clearing IAS is the whole-hearted aspiration of many students who appear for the UPSC entrance. While some lose the race, there are always big dreamers who leave their achieved designation to give another try. Such is the case of IAS Athar Aamir who cleared the UPSC 2015 and grabbed the rank of AIR-2.

His Biography

Hailing from Anantnag, a small town in Jammu & Kashmir, Athar Aamir Ul-Shafi Khan completed his schooling from Tyndale Biscoe School, Srinagar. Always being a dedicated student, Athar aspired to complete his degree in BE. However, after his schooling, Athar appeared for many engineering entrances and cleared most of them. It was during this time, he got into IIT Mandi and started his engineering in Electronics.

Athar was always a bright student. This is evident from the fact that he won the best scientist award in the National Children Science’s Congress. However, driven by the success story of Shah Faesal, the first Kashmiri to clear UPSC, Athar joined the race too. Khan started his UPSC preparation in his last year of college graduation at IIT Mandi. 

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Khan’s UPSC Journey

Athar aspired to become an IAS officer and followed the footsteps of Shah Faesal to serve his community. Facing local community issues and terrorist prevalence, Khan always wanted to bring a positive change for the welfare of his people. He says, “I wanted to be a catalyst for growth. Though all other professions contribute to society, a civil servant’s reach is higher”. Therefore, it was this determination and dedication that set him on the UPSC path in 2014.

Amid college assignments and tests, Khan always took out time for his regular UPSC preparation. His day would start by reading newspapers and focusing upon relevant current affairs. He dedicated his evenings to make notes and form study curriculums. While Saturdays were meant for college studies, the Sundays were the timeline only for the UPSC preparation. 

It was this zeal and will power of Athar Aamir that enabled him to clear UPSC in the very first attempt. Though he got the AIR-560 as the Indian Railway Traffic Service Officer, Khan was towards a greater cause. Whilst his training at Lucknow in IRTS, he continued his UPSC preparation. 

It wouldn’t be wrong to state that the seeds he sowed soon gave the reaping results. In 2015, Athar not only cleared the IAS but also grabbed the AIR-2. Thus, achieving his ultimate ambition. 

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Khan’s Tips for the UPSC Aspirants

Looking at his success graph in his first attempt, Khan evaluated his loopholes and constructed them in his favor. He states, “You have to fill the gaps and analyze where you went wrong. This will help you to be more focused on your preparation”. Athar suggests the candidates to not go for many breaks. Moreover, instead of devoting hours and hours daily, focus on a set schedule viewing the final cause. When the exams approach, indulge in revision and answer writing practice to get the hands set on. Athar mentions, “I consistently gave six hours a day and during the examination, it was extended to 10 hours but I also ensured to listen to music and interact with family and friends”. 

For IAS aspirants, Khan especially recommends the importance of “Concrete Economics; The Hamilton Approach to Economic Growth and Policy” by Stephen Cohen and J. Bradford. 

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Some facts about Athar Khan

Athar married his love Tina Dabi in the year 2018. IAS Tina Dabi scored AIR-1 the same year as Athar gave his second attempt. 

Even after putting to serve his local community, Athar was posted in the IAS Cadre of Rajasthan which was his second preference. 

Athar Aamir is the second Kashmiri citizen who topped the IAS exam after Shah Faesal in 2009.

Viewing his UPSC mark sheet, Athar scored 1018 marks (50.27%) out of the total 2025 marks in the second attempt. 

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