There is no respite from the fact that once in a while the most successful people have their bouts of intense stress. The rushing thoughts and fear in the minds of UPSC aspirants are just the same, leading to a lack of upsc motivation. From getting excited with an attitude like that of a go-getter to losing control over the amount of syllabus and ending up procrastinating, we have all been there.

The intensity of lack in motivation varies from person to person and situations. It is highly evident among students of this generation with endless distractions ready to serve them at any instant. We all receive the advise of dodging these distractions and keep our morale high enough to get past every baseless thoughts that clouds our minds due to lack of motivation, It is easier said than done, but not impossible.

Thus, there prevails successful people who emerge as winners through all struggles only because they have learnt to beat the lack of motivation. UPSC aspirants, through the period of preparation always face this phase of losing concentration and the lack of drive to get things done.

This exam not only tests your skills and knowledge, but also assesses you inside out, i.e., your desire to get things done when you are at your lowest. Therefore, one must stay motivated in order to achieve greater heights of success.

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How to win the race of the survival of the fittest?

In reality, the entrance is the survival of the fittest for the role they seek to aspire. To work, as a civil servant is not a walk on the cake, so one must be prepared for the battlefield they are about to set forth into. 

10 Tips For UPSC Motivation|IAS Motivation|

1. Introspect


As mentioned above, you must understand what are Civil Services and why you want to join. You shall lay before yourself all the options, weigh them out and decide if you are willing to go ahead or not. This is the initial stage that can help you figure out and bring clarity in thoughts. Sometimes thinking about all the opportunities and benefits in the job can fuel your drive to work harder for it.

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2. Say No To Day Dreaming

NO TO DAY Dreaming

Dreaming about the things you want to be is a great mood lifter, but it turns into opium. Gather yourself, organize your day, and execute the good deed.

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3. Incorporate Preparation Into Your Lifestyle

When you accept the process of preparation as something that will inevitably help you, it can help you stay motivated. Enjoying the preparation can make you feel less stress.

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4. Positive Reinforcements

This one point is very effective. Humans are wired in a way that they work to get rewards. In the process of preparation, if you compartmentalize the day into levels that you must cross in order to get rewards, like watching something or playing your guitar, it acts effectively.

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5. Meditate

Do Meditate

Meditation helps one feel less stress and more motivated early in the morning. The power of meditation is not to be underestimated. It refreshens us and keeps us energetic for upsc preparation.

6. Daily Assessment

You must evaluate yourself at regular intervals. Allocate sufficient time to test yourself through practice and mock tests on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This will act as a feedback mechanism for your preparation and help in rectifying your mistakes. When you see progress in your UPSC preparation, it will act as a motivator. 

7. Learn To Face The Fear

Face Your Fears

There is no thing called perfect. The same is applicable on aspirants who feel the pressure to be perfect. Let go of this fear as it only worsens the situation. You must understand that if you are a slow learner, then you should give yourself the required amount of time and not push yourself. Whereas, facing hurdles and accepting that they come and go helps you become a better person.

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8. Get Inspired


There are hundreds of success stories out there. One should once in a while read up on those to realize that they can do it too! These will give you UPSC motivation which is important for upsc exam preparation.

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9. Avoid Negativities

Avoid-nagativity-and-stay-motivated-during-upsc-exam-motivation-how to stay-motivated-during-upsc-preparation

People who evoke a sense of negativity and hopelessness, who keep complaining about how things are not proper, are to be especially avoided. You do not need their criticism.

10. Don’t Overwork

Having a proper environment, a schedule, and a daily assessment process is enough to help you move ahead in preparation. Avoid working for long hours as it only strains and exhausts you out of your energy, ending up losing motivation in the hurry of doing everything in a day.

UPSC is an year long exam with a success rate of 0.021%. One must have UPSC Motivation, they should know why they want to join Civil Services as it will lift you up in your toughest phases.

If you a have any doubts and wants to know more about UPSC motivation/IAS motivation then tells us in the comment section below.


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