Work for the people and serve the people. Well, this is the ideology that is followed by our very own “People’s Officer” IAS Smita Sabharwal. Every UPSC aspirant believes in the power of study hard and then work harder. This was not the case of this woman IAS officer. In her words, “It is wrong to think that one can get through the Civil Services only by studying very hard. In the final round, your interests and hobbies are also taken into account for selections”.

Breaking away the shackles, Smita Sabharwal, with her parent’s support along with her determination cracked the UPSC in 2000. This is the story of the youngest IAS officer who made it to the CM’s office as an Additional Secretary. 

Meet IAS Smita Sabarwal.

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Smita Sabharwal‘s Biography

ias smita sabharwal
IAS Smita Sabharwal with her children

This young intellect is the daughter of an army officer. Originally, the native of Darjeeling, this army brat traveled all over India before they finally settled down in Hyderabad. Looking into her childhood days, becoming an IAS officer was never her dream. However, she simply believed in the power of education and learning.

This is clearly evident from her academic accolades. Smita did her schooling from St Ann’s, Marredpally, Hyderabad. It was her interest in learning that topped the ICSE board in her 12th standard all over India.  

The skies were clear and still there were no signs of change. Smita continued with her graduation in Commerce from St. Francis Degree College for women. Moreover, this IAS officer believes that the person who actually motivated her to bring a change in society was her father. However, in her mother’s words, “everything becomes relevant once you put your heart into it.” 

Soon after finishing her graduation, Smita started preparing for the UPSC examinations. However, destiny planned something else for her. In her first attempt, she could not even clear her first round. But this neither deterred her nor discouraged her. 

In 2000, she not only cleared the UPSC examinations but also grabbed the AIR-4. It was at the age of 23 that she started her IAS journey.

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Her Preparation Strategy

Like other fellow aspirants, Smita’s journey was difficult and tiresome too. However, she believed in maintaining a proper balance between her academics and her hobbies. 

After realizing what she wanted to do, Smita set off on a steady hand. She used to study for six hours every day without any interruption. In order to keep the mind relaxed, she indulged in outdoor games for at least one hour every evening.

She thoroughly went through daily newspapers and magazines to stay updated with the current affairs. Though she belonged to the commerce background, she took Anthropology and Public affairs as her optional subjects. 

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Her IAS journey

The year 2000 marked as her success point. This 23-year-old cleared the UPSC examinations and got the AIR-4. She is the “People’s Officer” for a reason.

While serving in Warangal, she introduced the “Fund your city” scheme to complement utility services like bridges, hospitals, roads, etc. It was a Public-Private Partnerships.

This woman officer showed efforts in the upliftment of the women class. She ran several campaigns and social awareness programs to raise the living standards of the people in the rural background. Moreover, to keep a check on their work at all times she ensured monitors were fitted inside public utility places. 

She encouraged women to use public services as they hesitated to seek help.

Smita’s service towards the people has highly appreciated while her posting in Karimnagar and Medak. In the CM’s office, IAS Smita Sabharwal is the youngest IAS officer to be appointed. She also looks after the Rural water supply management in Telangana and Mission Bhagiratha.

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Some facts:                                                          

– Currently, IAS Smita Sabharwal is serving as the Secretary to the Chief Minister of Telangana.

– Her husband, Akun Sabharwal is a determined IPS officer.

– It is said, in her rule every day 200-300 people’s requests are taken into consideration.

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