Indian Forest Services is one of the three prestigious designations in the Indian Civil Services. Just like IAS and IPS, the recruitment of IFoS is in the same manner through UPSC exams. The IFoS came under the civil services in the year 1966. Since then, every year, thousands of individuals aspire to serve in the National Forest Ministry.

The main duties of IFoS comprise the formulation of forest policies, conservation of wildlife management, and other duties of national importance. It should be noted that the Mains exam of IFoS is different than the Civil Services. However, Prelims have the same syllabus and guidelines. 

We have prepared this article for the students to get familiar with the Indian Forest Services of the nation. Moreover, help the aspirants in ascertaining their decision of serving in which department. This article strives to present the pattern, recruitment, and eligibility criteria of the IFoS. The aspirants while filling the exam form should mention whether they want to apply in IFoS or civil services or both. 

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IFoS Exam Eligibility

To enroll for the IFoS, the candidate needs to have a bachelor’s degree in the subjects specified by the council. However, the motive is to make sure that the aspirants hold the experience required to serve in the National Forest Ministry. 

Botany, Zoology, Mathematics, Statistics, Chemistry, Physics, Agriculture, Engineering, etc are some of the subjects. The aspirants need to know that any-one of these subjects can be taken in their respective degree courses. Having a proper degree is not important in the above subjects. It is just the subject matter that holds importance. 

Moreover, it should be highlighted that only the candidates having the appropriate degree with proof are eligible to apply for IFoS.

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IFoS Exam Pattern

The exam pattern of the IFoS is similar to the IAS/IPS. The recruitment of IFoS has three phases. The first round is of the Prelims. All the IFoS candidates appear for two papers i.e GS I and CSAT. The questions in both the papers are MCQ based. It should be observed that the cut-off for IFoS is higher because there are fewer vacancies in the department. Every year, the GOI makes provision for only 100 positions in the IFoS department. 

Coming to the Mains IFoS exam, the UPSC council sets a different syllabus study for evaluation purposes. The Mains exam comprises 6 papers of descriptive nature. It also includes two optional subjects from the subject lists provided by the UPSC council.

The aspirants should know that while choosing the optional subjects, there is an appropriate setting to be kept in mind. All the papers will be held in the English language. English is the only medium for the IFoS Mains exam. Those candidates who successfully clear the Mains will be called for the final round of the Interview. 

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Interview Pattern

Just like IAS/IPS interviews, the IFoS are tested in varied fields of general awareness, critical assimilation, logical understanding, etc. However, this is followed by a physical test.

In the physical test, the male aspirants will have to finish a 25 km walk/run in a span of 4 hours. The female candidates, on the other hand, will have to complete 14 km in the time period of 4 hours or less. 

We sincerely hope that the readers get a fruitful insight into the IFoS of the nation. All aspiring candidates should observe one thing. While the pattern, recruitment process, and eligibility conditions are different, the preparation strategy for IFoS is nevertheless the same. Instead of feeding on dilemmas, the students are advised to go under proper guidance and support before applying for the IFoS. 

Best of luck!

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