This article has been prepared for the aspirants to give them an insight into the life of an IAS trainee at Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration(LBSNAA), Mussoorie.  The aspirants deeply know about the hardships that they go through this whole time of preparation. Clearly, they wonder about what happens, once they clear the Indian Administrative Services.

Surely, the journey from clearing the first round of Prelims to the final round of the Interview is not easy. Every year, lacs of candidates with the hope of becoming an IAS officer join this nationwide competition. However, we all know about the strength that actually clears it. 

The life at LBSNAA is all about equipping the fellow OTs (Officer Trainees) with the knowledge and skills that they will require on duty. It would be wrong to say that this life cannot be a memorable one as it might be full of practice and responsibilities. However, it is nothing different from leading a college life except for the fact that discipline forms its base. 

From actively participating in daily lectures to the morning-evening exercise routine, the OT’s life is full of surprises and lessons. 

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Daily Schedule of Trainees At LBSNAA

The day to day functioning of OTs starts at 6 o’clock in the morning. Considering the importance of mental and physical fitness, their morning time is invested in physical activity of 60 minutes. Afterward, they get back to their rooms, freshen up and attend breakfast in one hour’s time. 

Their daily classes start at 9 o’clock. The OTs are required to attend all the lectures that happen in a day. There are around 5-6 lectures every day depending upon the schedule decided. At 5 pm, the time for evening sports and physical activities start. This continues till 7:30 pm. Scheduling of any specific curriculum activity takes place before dinner at 8 pm.

As soon as the dinner gets over, the Officer trainees get free time to get away from their scheduled routine. Scheduling and fixing of upcoming activities, also take place during this time. At last, the day comes to an end and the whole cycle repeats all over again the very next day.

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The Weekend’s Getaway

We all know the importance of recreational activities along with academics. On weekends and certain holidays, the IAS trainees at LBSNAA, get to participate in extra-curriculum activities such as cultural evenings, field trips, adventure sports, etc. In short, it is their time to drift away in the hills of Mussoorie.

On certain occasions, the field trips to the hills of Himalayas are arranged for the trainees. This is not a holiday getaway, instead a lesson to learn how to live in harsh conditions there. To ascertain the lives of the people, the officers have to live in backward areas of Himalayas. This forms their foundation of being a civil servant in the time to come. 

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Presence of Societies and Clubs at LBSNAA

So far, we have discussed life at LBSNAA. However, it does not end there. LBSNAA is home to many cultural and social societies that enables the OTs to develop and learn certain crafts. It can be a perfect way of learning along with developing interests and hobbies. 

Clubs and societies at LBSNAA are:-

– Computer Society;

– Adventure Sports Club;

– Nature Lover’s Association;

– Rifle and Artillery Club;

– Officer’s Mess;

– Officer’s Club;

And many more associations, the trainees can become a part of. 

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The life of a trainee at LBSNAA is surely something that might arouse the interests of many to live it. However, aspirants should understand that this is what has to be earned and not demanded. The officer trainees know that this is all temporary which is for their future accomplishments. It gives them the abilities and powers to do their duties with a sense of belonging towards the nation.


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