We all have our share of James Bond’s movies that we like and spread the word around. Amid all this reel-action and competition with the rival parties, ever wondered about the possibility of a real-life James Bond serving the nation? The answer is IPS Ajit Doval.

Well, here is the true yet super-heroic story of IPS Ajit Kumar Doval. Ajit Doval joined the IPS of the nation in the year 1968. Since then, he has been serving the country on various fronts. Moreover, he is one of the most trusted bureaucrats in the Prime Minister’s office. From being the Director Of Intelligence Bureau to the 5th National Security Advisor, here is an insight into the life of India’s very own James Bond. 

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Ajit Doval’s Biography

ajit doval ips
IPS Ajit Doval, National Security Advisor

Ajit Doval is a native of Ghiri Banelsyun village in Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand. This determined officer is the son of Major G.N Doval who served the Indian Military Forces. 

Ajit completed his schooling from Ajmer Military School in Ajmer, Rajasthan. Further, in the year 1967, he completed his post-graduation in economics from Agra University. However, it was his father’s footsteps that he followed and joined the IPS cadre of 1968 batch. 

Looking at his contributions, over the years several doctorates and honorary rewards have been presented. From doctorates in strategic security to the field of philosophy, IPS Ajit Doval is surely a notable Indian Bureaucrat. Moreover, in 2018, Ajit got an honorary doctorate degree in the field of philosophy by Amity University.

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Ajit Doval’s Career

After joining the 1968 cadre of IPS, Ajit Doval has been a part of several counter-terrorism and anti-insurgency operations. Ajit played an important role in the release of passengers from IC-814 in Kandahar operations in 1999. Moreover, he is one of the three negotiators who negotiated the terms and conditions of the whole operation.

He was in all the termination of hijackings that occurred between 1971 to 1999. His designations talks of heading the IB department for over a decade. He is also the founder of the Multi-Agency Center (MAC) and the Joint Task Force on Intelligence (JTFI).

After that, in the MNF insurgency operation, his efforts demanded and witnessed the release of Seven Indian Commanders. When it comes to Operation Black Thunder in 1988 to dewire the terrorist activities. Ajit Doval was always praised for his spying tactics. 

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His ‘James Bond’ title

The list of his achievements seems like coming right out of the world of cinema. For instance, he served as a spying officer in Pakistan territory for a period of seven years. Moreover, locals living there could not catch him because of his disguising abilities. He stayed as a Pakistani Muslim who regularly visited Mosques and made friends with the people there. 

Even in his efforts to terminate the Operation Black Thunder, he disguised himself as an informer and entered the Golden Temple. Ajit Doval represented himself as an ISI spy who had come to the rescue of the terrorists inside. Moreover, he provided all the information to the Indian Security Agencies about terrorist activities. 

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Some Facts

– IPS Ajit Doval was re-appointed as the National Security Advisor in the year 2019. He holds the rank of Union Cabinet Minister.

– He is said to be the mastermind behind the surgical operations against Pakistan in 2016.

– Doval favors the approach of defensive-offensive when it comes to the facilitation of strong opposing against other countries. This is one of the principles by him in the Doval Doctrine. 

– Ajit was the youngest police officer to receive the Police Medal for his commendable services. Above all, his achievements have been appreciated. Giving him the Kirti Chakra, the second-highest gallantry award of the country.  

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