The UPSC exam is considered to be one of the hardest exams of all time. Every year, students with the zeal to serve society, appear for this exam. However, only a few souls with dedicated and consistent intellect crack it. We all have heard stories of people who became officers to free society from the shackles of political vices. But this is the story of a 22-year-old boy who became an IPS officer. This article talks of a Gujarati boy who following the hardened work of his mother became the youngest IPS officer of India.

Yes, this is the story of IPS Safin Hasan who cracked the UPSC examination 2017.

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Safin Hasan’s Biography

safin hasan

Belonging to Kanodar, a small village in the roots of Gujarat, this young boy dreamt of becoming an IAS officer in his mother’s kitchen. Safin, since his school days, was always inclined towards his academic prospects. 

Looking at his parents who worked in a diamond unit, this young dreamer didn’t even have enough to savor his hunger. However, due to his thirst for knowledge, Safin’s parents never backed off in fulfilling his dream of gaining as much education as possible. Safin’s mother, Naseembanu got up 3 in the morning to earn up to Rs 5,000-8,000 per month to support her son’s education. It wouldn’t be wrong to state that it was his mother’s budding sweat that motivated Safin’s ladder of success. Safin says, “I have seen her soaked in sweat even in cool mornings as I studied in the kitchen”.

Safin is extremely grateful to society that always encouraged his determination and helped him during times of distress.

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His IPS Journey

ips safin hasan
IPS Safin Hasan Journey

Safin Hasan was adamant about becoming a collector after when he saw an IAS officer who visited his village. Surrounded by bodyguards and people with friendly stature, Safin’s interest aroused him to ask his relatives on how to become an officer himself. Since everybody could become an officer if they showed perseverance and will power, Safin decided to stay on the hard track. 

Safin was always a sincere student who scored well in his school days. This is evident by his principal’s address of his abilities when he waived off a school loan worth Rs. 80,000. To support his further education, Safin received help from many strangers who saw the light of success in him. A couple sponsored his two years’ preparation fee worth Rs 3.5 lacs when he stayed in Delhi. This included his UPSC study material, food, accommodation, coaching fees, and everything needed to sustain life. 

He shares his heart whelming response, “People have held my hand and opened doors for me to fulfill my dreams. I would have never become what I have if not for the kindness of society at large”.

The year 2018 marked the success spree of this overtly dedicated individual who scored AIR-570. Though his rank enables him for IPS, Safin still wants to go for further preparation to aspire to his childhood dream of an IAS officer.

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His contribution to society

ips safin hasan

This down-to-earth 22-year-old man never gave credit to his preparation strategy. Instead, he holds people and society at large for his success in UPSC examinations. To contribute to society, Safin aspires to open a state-of-art residential school for the welfare of poor children. He believes it’s the education and literate professionals who drive the vehicle of rural India. 

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We sincerely hope that the story of IPS Safin Hasan inspires the long lost dream of many civil services aspirants. In brief, it wasn’t just Safin’s abilities but the people’s desire that reaped the destined results. At last, the dreams of many did get fulfilled at the hands of a young man. 


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