As per UPSC, there has not been any notification given about the extension of the UPSC Prelims 2020 examination. But as the Lockdown has been extended the chances of Prelims exam to be extended have certainly increased. Let’s understand the whole situation.

When the lockdown was officially announced, UPSC has delayed the exam process of various examinations like the NDA (National Defence Academy) exam, Medical Officer Exam, UPSC Civil Services 2019 interview, and many others.
But UPSC is still saying nothing on exams like UPSC Prelims 2020. UPSC said that these exams will be scheduled as they were until further notification.

upsc civil services 2020
UPSC official Notification

Recently Shashi Tharoor, on April 10, tweeted, “Each year about 9 lakh students appear for the coveted UPSC exams to join the prestigious civil services. But so far no aspirant has a clue whether the Preliminary exam will go ahead as scheduled on May 31st or be postponed. @DrJitendraSingh please clarify, am deluged w/queries!”

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UPSC Exams Will Be Postponed

I probably believe that UPSC exams are going to be delayed. The main reasons are

  1. The Lockdown might end on 3rd May. But there is no guarantee that Corona will be eradicated from the whole country. It will still be present in many districts in our country. Due to which thousands of UPSC potential UPSC aspirants might not be able to give the exams for which they are preparing. And I don’t think that UPSC would like that.
  2. Let’s assume that if everything works fine and the Lockdown is uplifted till 3rd May and there are no new cases of Corona. But in that case, the major problem is the UPSC Civil Services 2019 Exam. Since the UPSC 2019 interview has been postponed then UPSC will be more inclined to conduct 2019 interview. It will definitely be going to take around 10 days. Moreover, they have to prepare 2019 Civil Services results without which they would not be going to conduct the Prelims exam. And this whole process will take 15-20 extra days.
    This is because the candidates who would be selected in UPSC 2019, need not appear again for the same exam.

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UPSC Exam Will Not Be Postponed

There are chances that UPSC 2020 Prelims would not be postponed. But that can only happen if Lockdown is not extended after May 3, 2020, and no new Cases of Corona are found.
Also, UPSC can make an alternative plan to conduct the IAS 2019 results and conduct IAS 2020 exam.

But on the whole, we cannot say anything with conformity, until UPSC says something. But I think that UPSC Is Probably going to postpone the exam.

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