The life of an IAS officer is very difficult as the post of an IAS officer is considered to be one of the most elite designations in the government department. Every year many aspirants give the UPSC examinations saying that it’s their dream to be an IAS officer and serve the nation. However, there are many who clearly state the reasons behind pursuing the field are materialistic pleasures.

Not only the UPSC aspirants but also the common public always keep an open eye to get an insight into the life of an IAS officer. The salary, perks, working hours, and other relevant information are the most asked questions about an IAS officer. One might be sure that the lifestyle of the IAS would be easy and simple considering the designation of the person. Making his/her way through three rounds of selection, the destination still seems far. The post comes with lots of responsibility and accompanies changes that might disrupt the personal life.

Well, making compromises are a part of life and the same applies here. So thinking about becoming an IAS officer? Then read the below points to make the thoughts clear.

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The IAS Career

Each and every aspirant knows that the journey of becoming an IAS officer is not easy. Even after clearing all the rounds, training, and the end evaluation test, the destination is still far away. Authority gives post equivalent to the merit of the selected IAS officer.

Generally, all the selected trainees usually start from the post of Sub-divisional Magistrate. Overtime by gathering enough experience, the officers get promotions on the basis of work done. From the post of Sub-Divisional Magistrate, they get promoted to the Additional Magistrate followed by District Magistrate post. 

Considering the level of experience, the IAS officers get to serve with the State governments as their Secretary. Moreover, from here on they receive accolades year after year. From being the Secretary, they dive into the post of Additional Secretary and then become the Chief Secretary. Finally, end up as the Cabinet Secretary in the Parliament.

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The IAS officer’s Salary

Every post of an IAS officer has different salary slip entitlements. The basic starting pay of an IAS officer currently is Rs. 56,100/-. This excludes the house rent allowance, traveling allowance, and other allowances enjoyed by the government departments. However, this increases their income-in-kind. 

As per the records, the salary of a Cabinet Secretary is Rs. 2,50,000/- excluding the allowances. The Cabinet Secretary stands at the top in the hierarchical list. Therefore, it takes a lot of time and patience to reach there especially when the competition is intense.


The Perks related to Civil Service

Apart from the wholesome salary given to the IAS officers, they are entitled to many benefits and perks related to service. This can be used by the family of an IAS officer. 

In addition, the government provides a vehicle for on-field work. It should be noted that if the officer is making use of it for his/her personal work, then they may have to pay extra charges. However, beyond a certain limit, they may have to pay those bills out of their salaries. These are the perks related to an IAS officer. That’s a common thing in the lifestyle of an IAS.

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The Work Schedule of an IAS officer               

The lifestyle of an IAS might seem very prosperous and happening to the people outside. However, with power comes responsibility. The IAS officers do not have a proper routine cycle to follow up with their work. Having a clear-cut difference between a personal and professional life becomes extremely difficult. 

Each officer is given a district under their jurisdiction to look after. Having a district to manage is not an easy task. It means catering to the basic utility needs of hundreds of villages and thousands of individuals. Apart from this, there is departmental pressure due to political and public reasons.

In order to meet the above obligations, generally, a day in the life of an IAS starts at six in the morning. It goes on and on with meetings, conferences, and seminars for the public welfare till the night. It would not be wrong to say that the IAS officer’s perks are just a facade covering to a huge burden of serving society. In simple words, the IAS officer’s wholesome salary is not worth their efforts. In comparison, the corporate will fetch ten times more than the income an IAS officer receives for his work.

Holidays And Leaves

If there is a question about holidays and leaves, it should not be asked at all. During emergencies, the officers are required to be present on duty no matter what. For leaves, they will have to give prior notices to their superiors which might get canceled due to reasons unforeseen.

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Every career line has its pros and cons and different perks related to it, the same is with Civil servants. However, looking at the brighter side, the IAS officers get to exercise their authority and powers for the benefit of society. Moreover, the social status they get is way more than being in any ordinary government department. These are some of the things that are a part of the lifestyle of an IAS officer. For the IAS entrants, they get to serve society and fulfill their desires with many facilities available to them.

We hope you get to know more about the life of an IAS officer through this article.


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