The UPSC Civil Services Examination, after taking into consideration the scores of Mains and the interview, declares the final merit list. IAS Junaid Ahmad stood as the third topper of the UPSC 2018 merit list.

Every year students like Junaid, belonging to backward areas of the nation, register for this national level competition. However, there are only a few aspirants who clear this rat-scary race in the first attempt. Surely, Junaid was not one of them.

His list of failures witnessed by consecutive four attempted failures did not deter him from following his dream of becoming an IAS officer. This is clearly evident when he says,

“I have seen failure before and today, I am completely overwhelmed. This sense of achievement has come with the burden of responsibility.”

Junaid Ahmad IAS

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IAS Junaid Ahmad Biography

Junaid Ahmad IAS At LBSNAA
Junaid Ahmad IAS At LBSNAA

Junaid Ahmed is a native of Nagina town in Bijnor District of Uttar Pradesh. His father is a lawyer while his mother is an advocate. He has one elder sister and two younger siblings.  

Belonging to a middle-class family, Junaid Ahmad since his mature days, always dreamt of becoming an IAS officer.

He completed his Primary Education from the Syedna Tahir Saiffuddin High School, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) located in Nagina. Later on, he did his graduation in BTECH from Sharada University, Noida in Uttar Pradesh.

While doing his graduation at the university, he started his preparation for the UPSC exams. He gave the very first attempt in the year 2014. However, destiny had different plans for him and he couldn’t clear the first attempt.

This was followed by another three attempts where he failed consecutively. However, in the year 2016, he ranked 352 and was selected for the Indian Revenue Services. 

But in order to pursue his dream of becoming the IAS officer, he gave the exam again. This time his hard work and dedication paid off and he grabbed the AIR-3 in the UPSC examinations 2018. He always followed the ideology of serving his people.

He clearly states,

In IRS, one deals with taxation and that is also related to people but an IAS officer can solve people’s problems directly. More than an achievement, it is a responsibility.

IAS Junaid Ahmad

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Junaid Ahmad IAS Preparation

ias junaid ahmad ias marksheet
Junaid Ahmad Marksheet

In Junaid’s words, he followed the collective dreams of his family. He was always encouraged by his parents to study hard and work smarter.

Junaid, breaking the traditions, never went for any coaching classes. In his initial journey, he took the help of the books given to him by his seniors in college. In addition, he took the help of the internet to tap on various topics that demanded immediate attention.

His success mantra always revolved around the indefinite triangular elements of Aim, Failures, and Hardwork. After his first attempt he was very devastated, however, he coped up and found himself back on the right tracks. To guide the youth, he states, “The youth lacks the confidence and get nervous before taking the exam. First, they should set their goal in life and focus on their target. We should dream big and work harder to transform the dream into reality.”

Junaid never engaged in diversified study materials. Instead, he focused on what was superlative and of utmost importance. He took Geography as his optional subject. Since Geography had a foundation in the Prelims exams, he found it easy to tackle.

For his IAS preparation, he gives credit to the NCERT books. According to him, it helped him a lot in establishing a tactful-knowledgeable foundation.

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Some Rare Facts

IAS Junaid ahmad with ias kanishak kataria , ias akshat jain and ias shreyans
IAS Junaid Ahmad With Other UPSC Toppers

– Junaid, in his schooling days, never dreamt of pursuing the IAS. However, over time, with continuous reading about the IAS aspirants, he developed the zeal to crack the IAS.

– He was never encouraged by his community to pursue the field. In their words, these services favored the Hindus and kept Muslims to the sidelines. However, his parents were determined along with him.

– He took the help of an NGO named Zakat Foundation that looked after the upliftment of the masses in the region. This helped him a lot in realizing his true purpose in life.

– Junaid Ahmad scored a total of 1077 in his UPSC merit list. 

– He was serving as the Indian Revenue Services Trainee in Faridabad when he got to know about his UPSC results 2018.

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