Meet Mr. Sivasubramani, Bus Conductor who turned into an IPS Officer


The Indian Police Services examination is one of the highest civil service posts within the nation. Considering its high appeal, thousands of young minds apply for this educational competition to achieve their will-full dreams. However, the journey is not as simple and easy as it sounds. With over 100,000 students applying for the exam, only 5% of students make it to the final stage. That clearly implies the drudgery the students face while competing.

Some fail and leave the track, while some prosper and become a source of inspiration for many. We all know of many B’town celebrities who struggled day and night to make their ends meet while pursuing their journey of becoming an actor. What we do not know is that such stories, full of zeal and dedication, form the crux of this civil examination too. Have you ever heard of Mr. Sivasubramani, a bus conductor who aspired to become an IPS officer?

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Who is Mr. K.Sivasubramani?

sivasubramani  bus conductor to ips
Mr. Sivasubramani

Mr. Sivasubramani, a resident of Neemur village of Villupuram district, successfully cracked the civil services examination in the year 2009. Among the 875 candidates who got selected, he ranked 311th among the whole lot. Driven by his cousin’s success, Mr. Sivasubramai decided to join the civil services and serve the nation. With his patience and determination, K. Sivasubramani cleared the preliminary and the mains exams in 2007 and 2008 respectively. However, couldn’t make it to the final round of interview. 

But, when you aspire to achieve something and your will strives you forward, nobody can stop you. In the same way, with no doubt about being an IPS officer, Mr. Sivasubramai continued with his sheer struggle. Neither once nor twice, but five times he failed the exam. Not having a strong financial background impacted his educational journey.

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K.Sivasubramani’s Educational Journey

K.Sivasbramani, the son of Kalirathinam, could not support his education. To get an educational touch, he enrolled himself at Industrial Training Institue in Cuddalore. After serving as an apprentice at Ashok Leyland, Sivasubramani decided to complete his high school studies. By 2009, K. Sivasubramani completed his plus two as a student in a private school. Later on, he studied B.A history through a distance learning program.  To earn his daily and bread, he served as a technician at the Central Railway Workshop at Tiruchi for two years.

To fight his weak financial roots, he took up another job in a company where he started working as a supervisor of 30 buses, that brought students to and from the private engineering college.

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Many a time, the drivers used to be absent because of which K.Sivasubramani had to serve as a driver. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise for this ice-breaking individual. During his free hours, he engaged himself in reading at the SSN College of Engineering. His thirst for knowledge always drove him and this led him to get selected for the Revenue services. However, he did not want to hinder his progress and thus decided to continue moving. Emulating his cousin’s success, he finally cleared the exam in the sixth attempt.

Mr. Sivasubramani, the IPS (or Indian Police Services) officer, is currently managing the Maoist area of the Bolangir region in Odisha.

Today, the Journey of Mr K.Sivasubramani from a Bus Conductor to IPS Officer is an inspiration to lakhs op UPSC aspirants. We hope that his story will continue to inspire future aspirants.


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