Know about India’s very own breaker of chains? Well, the world believes what you believe and follow it. Driven by this ideology, this is the story of India’s first visually impaired IAS officer, Pranjal Patil. Moreover, she fought against all odds and ultimately proved that with sheer dedication and hard work, everything is possible. In her own words, “We should never be defeated and we should never give up. With our efforts, all of us will get that one breakthrough which we want.”

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Who is Pranjal Patil?

IAS Officer pranjal patil ias

Pranjal Patil, a native of Ulhas Nagar in Maharashtra, is the first-visually impaired IAS officer of India. In October 2019, she took the charge of Sub-collector in Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. 

Dealing with her blindness from a very young age, Pranjal Patil was never heart-broken or scared while pursuing her dreams. Moreover, her impairment could not deter her from serving the nation. In 2016, she ranked 733rd in the UPSC examination. Consecutively, the very next year, she gave the exam again and this time got 124th rank all over India. During her training period, she served as the assistant collector of Ernakulam in Kerala.

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Some glimpses from her past

Pranjal Patil was born with weak eyesight and partial blindness. Further, her destiny took its toll and at the age of six, she was declared as completely blind by the doctors.

Pranjal, with her visual-challenge, did her schooling from Kamala Mehta Dadar School for the blind in Mumbai. As it was a Marathi-medium school with meager resources. So, the journey of hers was very hard and difficult to go through.

With rigorous hard work and dedication, Pranjal got admission to the St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai. As the institute supported the system of resources for the visually-challenged helped her a lot in completing her graduation in Political science. However, this served as one of the biggest foundations in her success chart.

Later on, she got admitted to Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) to pursue her Masters in International Relations, followed by an integrated program of M.Phil and Ph.D.

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Pranjal Patil IAS journey:

Pranjal went through many eye surgeries to retrieve her eyesight. However, every one of them failed. This was accompanied by severe pain and this took at least one year to subside.

It is highly surprising to understand that she did not take any prior UPSC classes to prepare for the civil services exam. She believed it would create mountless pressure on her. Therefore, for studying for the IAS examination, she took the help of special computer software that could read books for her. Moreover, to keep her confidence intact, she kept herself away from any sort of competition and focused on what she wanted.

In order to appear for the UPSC examination, she enhanced her efforts and gave her the very first attempt in 2016. Even after getting a good decent rank, her efforts were undervalued as she was offered a job in the Postal and Telecommunications Department. 

Fighting for what she deserved, she appeared for the exam again in 2017. This time she got the AIR-124. Applauding her determination, the IAS council accepted her. Moreover, As a part of her training curriculum. She served as the assistant collector in Ernakulam for one year. 

Certainly, her success cycle completely reiterates the pain and drudgery she went through all her life until she took over her position as the Sub-collector of Thiruvananthapuram in 2019. In her words, “Occasionally I would doubt if my level of preparedness was enough, but I let the sincerity of my effort lead me”.

While taking over, even the former district collector Biju Prabhakar congratulated her.

In short, we believe in procrastination many times and do not strive forward for our dreams. Moreover, just think if IAS Officer Pranjal Patil did the same, where would she be now? 

What’s your excuse to delay now? 

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