Sreenath K will seem like just another human being, trying to make ends meet if you pass by him but this man is definitely not ordinary.

A native of Munnar, Sreenath worked as a coolie in Ernakulam, Kerela which is the nearest major railway station from Munnar.

Sreenath supported his family by carrying bags and luggage of passengers at the railway station. Moreover, e became an authorized porter, Coolie No. 343 after clearing the required physical test and did that for five extensive years. 

But at the age of 27, after being responsible for a one-year-old daughter in 2018. Sreenath knew he didn’t want his little one living off scrapes. He was very disheartened while sharing that after day and night of hard work, he could barely manage to earn 400-500 rupees.

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The government of India launched the free Wi-Fi services at Mumbai central railway station in January of 2016. Currently, there are 5,500 Wi-Fi enabled railway stations in India, which are a part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Digital India Initiative.

Sreenath could not let go of an important resource like this. From easy access to online examination forms to saving a treasure worthy of money. He didn’t have to spend on books, the railway Wi-Fi helped him more than he could have thought of.

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Journey of Sreenath K

sreenath k a coolie who used free wifi of railway station and cracked kpsc

Sreenath K had appeared thrice for the exam before he finally bought a smartphone, a new memory card, and a pair of earphones. He used the free Wi-Fi to study for the exam while working. He’d take the advantage of a delay in the arrival of the train and go through the PDFs and other study materials. And would plug into the audio mode and lift the load on his head when the trains did arrive.

Sreenath changed the myth of expensive coaching classes and the mountain load of books. He optimally utilized what little benefit he could get at work.

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However, the ambitious coolie did not have the luxury of dropping out of work and solely focusing on his preparation. Being the sole breadwinner in a family of five members, Sreenath could not even think of such a prospect. 

He refused to give up after failing in his first three attempts. And he said

“It’s only a matter of practice and patience. I will keep giving exams. until the exams become easy for me and I get a good score.”

Sreenath K

Before he cleared the written exam of the Kerela Public Service Commission (KPSC). However, Sreenath was only hoping for a job that could provide him with some authority to change the course of his village and help him better raise his family by a fixed monthly income.

Having cleared the exam. Sreenath said:

“Now my dreams are unstoppable.”

Sreenath K

He was confident about scoring about 82%. Sreenath was hoping to get a job as a village field assistant under the land revenue department of the government.

Not only did clearing the exam change his course of life but to the friends of Sreenath, he became an idol and a ray of hope.

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