Combined Medical Services Exam (CMSE) - Eligibility, Exam Pattern

Combined Medical Services Examination (CMSE) – Eligibility, Exam Pattern & Tips

The UPSC council conducts a Combined Medical Services Exam every year. The purpose of CMSE is to recruit candidates with required medical intelligence to serve in various...
Medical Eligibilty Criteria for IAS Officer and physical eligibility

Medical Eligibility Criteria for IAS Officer

The candidates aspiring to serve as civil services officers have to go through three phases of the UPSC examination. The aspirants should know that these officers mainly indulge in the fieldwork. Therefore,...
UPSC CAPF Exam 2020 Central Armed Police Forces Examination

Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) Examination

Central Armed Police Forces refer to the armed human resources posted in seven security bodies in India. The Ministry of Home Affairs regulates the functioning and maintenance of the Central Armed Police...
Indian Economic Services eligibility exam pattern preparation tips

Indian Economic Services (IES) of India

Indian Economic Services comes under the administration of inter-ministerial civil services of Group A of the Central government.  It is one of the executive branches of the Government of India. 
Indian Forest Service ifos Eligibility Criteria

Indian Forest Services (IFoS) – Eligibility Criteria

Indian Forest Services is one of the three prestigious designations in the Indian Civil Services. Just like IAS and IPS, the recruitment of IFoS is in the same manner through UPSC exams....
bharat darshan for IAS Officer

An Insight Into The Bharat Darshan Tour

Bharat Darshan is the deeply enriched study tour that enables the Officer Trainees to get acquainted with India’s entirety. However, the purpose behind the origination of this academic tour is to get...
IAS Athar Aamir

IAS Athar Aamir – The Story of Hope and Dedication

The dream of clearing IAS is the whole-hearted aspiration of many students who appear for the UPSC entrance. While some lose the race, there are always big dreamers who leave their achieved...
AFCAT Eligibility- Recruitment, Pattern, Qualifications, afcat exam 2020

AFCAT Eligibility- Recruitment, Pattern, Qualifications

The Indian Air Force, every year, opens certain positions for both the male and female aspirants to join the forces. These aspirants are appointed in the technical and non-technical departments. AFCAT- Air...
Best Degree For UPSC preparation

Best Degree Course for UPSC Preparation

The UPSC council administers lakhs of students’ applications every year. These applications belong to the students of different academic backgrounds with no relation to the UPSC in the past. All the candidates...
Everything You Need To Know About The Indus Water Treaty for upsc civil services

All We Need To Know About The INDUS WATERS TREATY

The Indus River has deep importance in the history of several ancient civilizations that existed at the beginning of Kalyuga. Deriving its historical backdrop, the Indus river has been providing water to...