Every year, the civil service department invites applications to fill in various positions. These positions relate to the IAS, IPS, IFS, IFoS, IRS, and many more recognized designations of the country. 

Driven by prestige and recognition, many of the aspirants aspire to become IAS officers and bring a change in society. Amidst this competition, there are many aspirants who believe in the stature of power that derives out of oneself. Thus, these candidates strive for something that looks more appealing and stronger. This is where the existence of IPS officers comes into being. 

There are many aspirants who join UPSC just to achieve their dream of becoming an IPS officer. Notwithstanding the powers these officers enjoy, there are many more reasons why aspirants choose to become IPS, instead of, IAS. We have prepared this article deriving the real-life experiences of IPS officers to inspire the candidates to join this cadre. 

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6 reasons to choose IPS over IAS are listed below

The Power of the Uniform

The moment a person enters the room, it’s not the confidence that people notice. But, the attire the person is in. Every civil servant of the nation will need to introduce themselves to get their authority exercised in a certain situation. This does not apply in the case of IPS officers. No IAS, IFS, IRS, or any civil servant for that matter are given any uniform to function in.

All the IPS officers are easily recognizable and distinguished on the basis of their duty uniforms. Moreover, this can be one of the important reasons why people tend to join IPS over other departments. Their uniforms clearly become a symbol of power and authority. 

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The Symbol of Expertise

It has been observed that IAS and many other civil officers are assigned at various designations during their working cycle. From being the District Magistrate to the Cabinet Minister,  an IAS officer tastes the fruits of different seasons. Clearly, a jack of all trades. However, this means that they do not stay in one position for a long time. This implies that they hardly form any sense of belonging with their position, or for that matter, with their fellow subordinates. This refrains from having a certain level of expertise in the field. 

On the other hand, the IPS officers are the experts of police administration. They cater to one position for a stipulated period and prosper in terms of experience. Moreover, it is evident from the fact that IPS officers are the primary holders in RAW and IB agencies of the country. They are directly responsible to the Prime Minister for their activities. 

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The Exercising of Authority

The IPS officers are the superlative officials in charge of the states’ criminal check. They hold the utmost powers to make sure that everything happens as per the laws and regulations of the country.

In order to keep a check on certain criminal and corruption activities, they can even arrest the IAS and Ministers of the nation. This level of power lies in the hands of every IPS officer. However, they should not misuse them in any manner possible. 

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The status of Social Importance

Relating to the previous point, IPS officers maintain the law and order of the state. Moreover, any country will recover from situations of droughts, famine, poverty, and economical crisis. But, it will be a huge problem if the protection of its citizens is compromised. This is where the IPS officers land as superheroes that save the people in the hour of need.

India is one of the nations reporting the maximum number of murders to take place on a daily basis. These numbers have decreased in the past due to certain measures taken by the IPS cadres. 

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The Purpose of Job Satisfaction

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that IPS officers come in direct contact with the general public. However, they are praised for their services of clearing the political vices and antisocial follies from society. These officers not only win pride but also admiration in the eyes of the people. 

They become the ultimate reason for people to believe in honesty and truth. In recent years, Bollywood have been a witness to this public notion. Unlike IPS, the IAS also serves the nation positively but their efforts are indirect and many fail to keep up in this process. 

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The Position of Recognition

The people can easily relate to the condition IPS officers work in. However, the reason behind this is that they are the ones who are visible on duty at all times. Moreover, every person can see and reach them directly in the hour of emergency. 

This does not apply in cases of other civil service department positions. But, their efforts are considered to be indirect in serving society. 

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The above mentioned are some of the most superficial reasons why aspirants should choose IPS over IAS. Moreover, considering the limited vacancies in IAS departments, this can be the second-best option for the aspirants to fall in. We hope that we provide enough calculations for the aspirants to make the best career decision. 

Last but not least, who does not dream of becoming the fierce Singham or for that matter, the dashing Chulbul. 


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