There is no hard and fast rule as to when to start preparing for the Civil Services. For some aspirants, it can be a long journey while for some it can be just like Thanos’ snap. However, the sooner the aspirant realizes his/her dream, the better it will be for the future.

Today’s generation fails to realize the importance of time. While forming a perfect preparation strategy for civil services, time plays a very predominant role.  In order to start off with the perfect preparation strategy, the students need to understand the importance of schedule, determination, dedication, and at last, patience.

When is the right time to start preparation for civil services? Well, it can differ from one person to another. Some students start right after the school gets over, while some gradually begin after completing their Masters.

This article is written for those aspirants who try to manage their civil preparation along with their college studies. These are some basic guidelines that can help college students in deriving the adaptable schedule for their studies. 

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7 Tips for college students preparing for Civil Services

1) Construct the path for Civil Services                                          

The first and foremost step is to make clear of the choice the aspirants aspire to follow. The students who are sure of what they want to achieve in life, eventually find their way to success. 

It is always suggested to use 1st year of college as the exploration period for the relevant decisions to make. Joining civil services is not an easy task at hand. It requires sheer will and determination to face the underlying obstacles. There is no fixed set period of when to start the preparation for civil services while in college.

However, the experts recommend focusing upon the aptitude and logical functioning of the student. As soon as the student clears his notions about certain fields, he/she will start the journey on the path. 

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2) Living the journey preparing for Civil Services

Done deciding? Well, now is the perfect time to start. The basic preparation, an aspirant can start off with is by reading newspapers. Everybody knows the importance of current affairs in civil service preparation. In order to get things correct, having a strong foundation is a must. Reading newspapers on a day to day basis can help in achieving this.

For many students, reading can be a tough prospect. However, for the UPSC students, this is their long haul friend. No matter what, this habit needs to be inculcated as soon as possible.

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3) Do not engage in material-piling

The IAS toppers always suggest engaging in as little and efficient material as possible. Getting hands-on each and every material out there will only increase the burden of the students. 

Managing the college syllabus along with the vast UPSC syllabus will be a tough task to deal with. Instead of engaging in unnecessary piling, understand the importance of quality over quantity.

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4) The medium of study

The sooner the aspirant realizes, the easier the journey becomes. It is imperative for the student to understand what mode of study will suit them. 

Many students prefer coaching classes while some directly go for self-study. However, what matters is the knowledge they have regarding the UPSC examination preparation. If the students do not have specific knowledge about civil services preparation, coaching classes are the best option. 

Additionally, they can also make use of digital media to touch upon several guidelines available online. Coaching classes or self-study? The aspirant knows better about himself at the end. 

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5) The confusion regarding ‘Optional’

The students who appear for the UPSC examinations are required to choose an optional subject. The aspirants can choose a subject that is best suited to them.

The students are always advised to take time and do not make any hasty decisions. Instead of following the masses, the students should go after the subject that serves their interests. This optional field should complement the civil service preparation of the aspirant.

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6) Have a life!

Remember the term ‘college life’ amid all the civil service preparation? Well, college-going students are strongly advised to go and get a life. While following his/her passion, one must realize the importance of present times. 

Instead of dwelling deeper and deeper into studies, the students should engage in activities that complement their personality development. One should always remember even after clearing all the obstacles, the hardest is the Interview that judges the student’s wellbeing. 

Therefore, focus on having some hobbies on the sideline. The IAS preparation requires a determination that might become hard to deal in day to day life. However, it is not life itself. 

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7) Patience is the Key to Success?

Forgot this mantra? If an aspirant is on the right track and wants to justify his success ladder, then this is the key. Planning for IAS preparation is a must engaging tool. However, things might not go as planned. The civil services examination is a cycle of success and failures. The ratio of success to failure is very minimal yet it is still there. 

Being patient and honest to oneself is the only way that aspirants can continue this whole process. Dealing with failures one after the other will only help the candidates in emerging as strong as possible.

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The Civil Services Preparation is an enriching life adventure for learning lessons. These lessons will help students in developing officer-like qualities. Like it or not, this takes time.

 If our fellow readers have any doubts, we suggest going through the article again will clear their notions about their preparation. Best of Luck!


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