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Personality Test or UPSC Interview is an important round in the process of Civil Services. But to score high in that is also important in order to clear the exam. But many people feel difficulties in this round. In this article, I will cover all the strategy step by step and will tell how you prepare well with an example. So let’s start it with an example.

Suppose if you are in love with a girl whose name is Government. But in order to marry her you have to convince her father who is a civil servant. You were called for a Family Dinner(UPSC Interview) and you have to ask her hand. Now, How you will behave in the Family Dinner(UPSC Interview)?

  • You must be aware of all the flaws of the govt but you must tell her father that you love her with all her flaws and wants to marry her.
  • Like all parents, the members would also have some quirks. You don’t want to be bullied by your in laws, so don’t relent easily. Try to smile humbly and give answers.
  • In the family, there are two members which are the most important person. One is the Chairman ( The Father ) and the other the lady member ( The Mother ) of the board. If you will convince them then they will convince others.
  • There will be some uncle who would try to check your temperament to check how you tackle the situation when the mood of their daughter swings.
  • Don’t be a liar. Be honest there because they know more about the things. You met her on dates but they saw her growing up.
  • Don’t be just boring, do show some sort of humor in your conversation to make it more energetic.
  • Don’t be too desperate. Have patience, give your answer with a smile.
  • You have to understand that it’s not your answers which matter in the dinner (UPSC Interview) but the overall atmosphere. They know that their daughter has chosen you after consideration of your skills but they wanted to check your attitude. They wanted to check your attitude at difficult times.
  • So, show them that you are the real guy for their daughter (government).

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UPSC Interview Strategy

UPSC Interview Strategy

From the above example you got an insight how the interview board judges each candidate, what they want in a candidate. Now, we will try to understand what can be done to score high in the UPSC Interview.

  • In the mock interviews, the interviewer focuses a lot on your attire, your way of walking, etc. But in real interview, these things does not matter much. The thing which matters more than your dress, attire is your content of answers.

For example: If the Panel asks,” Does India need smaller states for better governance?”. Your answer could be anything. But the thing which matters is that what led you to speak so.

My Answer to this question would have been:

Yes Sir, I believe that India do need small states for better and faster governance. I believe/feels that small states gives an administrator greater opportunities to connect with more people. If I take the case of my district only, it is quite large and it was very difficult for the collector to connect with all the people and physically check all the developmental activities. It makes grievance redressal process faster. So, I think small states are beneficial for both the administrator and the people.

There is a difference between the answer you gave in mains with that of Interview. In Mains, you take the help of a committee report or an expert’s opinion to argue a point but here you can be more personal.vIn UPSC Interview, the board just wants to check your attitude.

UPSC Interview: Avoid These Mistakes

When you are in front of the Panel Avoid these things:

  • Don’t keep any preconceived views about any Panel. When you are asked a question then answer it but if you don’t know then leave it.
  • Don’t evaluate your answers while the interview is going on. Many candidates have this habit. Due to which they are not able to answer other questions properly. If you find difficulty in answering a question properly then try to give other answers more efficiently.
  • Your answers should not be too brisk too loose. Though the duration of answer vary from question to question. Try to give your opinion through your answer.
  • Try to take some time before answering a question as it gives you some time to collect the ideas and the Panel is a patient listener. So, don’t worry from their part.
  • Project yourself as Balanced in the interview. Don’t do flattering. Your balance should be reflected in your answers.

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I am discussing this issue because there are thousands of candidates who faces this problem and most of them gets rejected due to this till they reach UPSC Interview Stage . I want to tell you that remove this Inferiority complex or sense of insecurity from yourself. You are grown up now. Most of us are 25+ now. The Interview Panel doesn’t care about your college, course. I have some friends who graduated from IITs, some from IIMs. Still, they are unable to score well in this exam.

If you have come in this round that simply indicates that you have enough knowledge to be an IAS officer. What they want to check in the interview is your mindset. If an administrator is suffering from such problem then how he will be able to handle a district?.

You have watched many movies, Can you remember all the dialogues of your favourite movie?, Probably not. But when you rate a movie you don’t remember its dialogue but you have an overall perception about that movie.

Similarly, the Panel does not remember all your answers but they remember. But after the interview they form an overall perception about you. What I meant to say is that it doesn’t matter what is your background. If you have a good conversation with the Panel and you will be able to convince them that you are fit for this job then you could be selected.

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UPSC Interview: DAF (Detailed Application Form) Strategy

  • Prepare most expected questions from your DAF. Ensure that you are able to answer all the questions from your DAF.
  • Speak Truth, Avoid lies because there will easily catch your lie.
  • Go in the UPSC Interview with a definite strategy. This simply means that when you go there you should know what you are going to tell the Panel. Try to tell them your strong points.

UPSC Interview: How To Answer Questions

  • A most common question asked in UPSC Interview is “why you want to join Civil Services?” Treat this question as a golden opportunity where you can describe yourself, your ideas, morals, etc. Try to take the best from this question. If you convince the Interview Panel with an honest answer then half of your job is done.
  • When to say No?
    • Many times the board ask you some questions on a topic and if you don’t know the answer, then you can easily say “I Don’t Know”.
    • But if you don’t know the answer to a question related to your DAF then it’s probably gonna hurt you later.
  • Give at least 4-5 mock interviews before the actual interview. If your last interview was disappointing then again give one mock interview so that before you gave the real interview you should have the positivity and confidence which you got from your last interview.

This is going to be the last stage so develop confidence and keep faith in yourself. I wish you good luck for UPSC Interview and hope that next year you will be in LBSNAA.

Enjoy your journey because it will teach you life lesson. You are doing hard work and giving your best efforts and may be you will succeed or fail. But this journey is special. Enjoy it!


    • Brother ,I think so u gone wrong in this case it is not IS it is pronounced as IAS (Indian administrative Service ) and I think u Made this mistake because you were hurried or mistakely typed it wrong . Try to keep your self calm and patience . It will help you to each the 7th sky in your future.


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