UPSC Mains Paper 2019 Download

UPSC Mains Paper 2019

UPSC Mains paper 2019 Free Download

In this Article we are going to provide you all the UPSC Mains paper 2019 . UPSC Mains exam paper helps you in studying for the exam properly . It will help you in improving your performance in UPSC Mains Exam. Here we are providing UPSC CSE 2019 Mains Question Paper which you should download to enhance your preparation.

UPSC Mains Paper 2019 General Studies & Essay Paper

General Studies and  Essay helps a lot in making a good score in the exam. So, do download them. There are 4 General Studies Paper each paper of 300 marks. Essay Paper contains only 2 question each question is of 125 marks.

Download all the paper by just clicking on the exam name.
Download General Studies & Essay Paper, 2019
Essay Paper
General Studies Paper - I
General Studies Paper - II
General Studies Paper - III
General Studies Paper - IV

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UPSC CSE 2019 Mains Compulsory Paper

These are the paper you have to give compulsory. You have to select two subjects and these subjects are language subjects. The aim of this test is to ensure that a candidate is well versed in atleast two Indian languages. You have to just pass this exam. Marks scored in this test won’t be counted.

Download all the compulsory Paper with just one click
Download UPSC CSE Compulsory Paper, 2019
English Compulsory Paper
Hindi Compulsory Paper
Assamese Compulsory Paper
Bengali Compulsory Paper
Dogri Compulsory Paper
Gujarati Compulsory Paper
Kannada Compulsory Paper
Maithili Compulsory Paper
Malayalam Compulsory Paper
Marathi Compulsory Paper
Nepali Compulsory Paper
Oriya Compulsory Paper
Punjabi Compulsory Paper
Sanskrit Compulsory Paper
Sindhi Compulsory Dev Paper
Tamil Compulsory Paper
Telugu Compulsory Paper
Urdu Compulsory Paper

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UPSC CSE 2019 Optional Subjects Paper

You have to choose only one Optional Subject and you have to give two paper on the same subject. You can choose any subject or any language as your Optional. Scoring high in Optional increases your chances of selection.

You can easily download all Optional Subject Paper by just clicking on the subject name.
Download UPSC CSE Mains Optional Subject Paper
Agriculture Paper - I
Agriculture Paper - II
Animal Husbandry and Vet. Science Paper - I
Animal Husbandry and Vet. Science Paper - II
Anthropology Paper - I
Anthropology Paper - II
Botany Paper - I
Botany Paper - II
Chemistry Paper - I
Chemistry Paper - II
Civil Engineering Paper - I
Civil Engineering Paper - II
Commerce and Accountancy Paper - I
Commerce and Accountancy Paper - II
Economics Paper - I
Economics Paper - II
Electrical Engineering Paper - I
Electrical Engineering Paper - II
Geography Paper - I
Geography Paper - II
Geology Paper - I
Geology Paper - II
History Paper - I
History Paper - II
Law Paper - I
Law Paper - II
Management Paper - I
Management Paper - II
Mathematics Paper - I
Mathematics Paper - II
Mechanical Engineering Paper - I
Mechanical Engineering Paper - II
Medical Science Paper - I
Medical Science Paper - II
Philosophy Paper - I
Philosophy Paper - II
Physics Paper - I
Physics Paper - II
Political Science and IR Paper - I
Political Science and IR Paper - II
Psychology Paper - I
Psychology Paper - II
Public Administration Paper - I
Public Administration Paper - II
Sociology Paper - I
Sociology Paper - II
Statistics Paper - I
Statistics Paper - II
Zoology Paper - I
Zoology Paper - II

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UPSC CSE 2019 Optional Literature Paper

You can choose any language too as your Optional subject. But remember studing past year paper helps a lot especially in Optional Subject.

Download all the Optional Paper for Literature Subject with just one click.
Download Literature Optional Subject, 2019
Assamese Literature Paper - I
Assamese Literature Paper - II
Bengali Literature Paper - I
Bengali Literature Paper - II
English Literature Paper - I
English Literature Paper - II
Gujarati Literature Paper - I
Gujarati Literature Paper - II
Hindi Literature Paper - I
Hindi Literature Paper - II
Kannada Literature Paper - I
Kannada Literature Paper - II
Maithili Literature Paper - I
Maithili Literature Paper - II
Malayalam Literature Paper - I
Malayalam Literature Paper - II
Manipuri Literature Paper - I
Manipuri Literature Paper - II
Marathi Literature Paper - I
Marathi Literature Paper - II
Oriya Literature Paper - I
Oriya Literature Paper - II
Punjabi Literature Paper - I
Punjabi Literature Paper - II
Sanskrit Literature Paper - I
Sanskrit Literature Paper - II
Sindhi (Devanagari) Literature Paper - I
Sindhi (Devanagari) Literature Paper - II
Tamil Literature Paper - I
Tamil Literature Paper - II
Telugu Literature Paper - I
Telugu Literature Paper - II
Urdu Literature Paper - I
Urdu Literature Paper - II

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UPSC Mains Paper 2019 will be of great use for you. Download and practice them.