UPSC Prelims 2020 exam is going to be on May 31, 2020. In order to be able to qualify the exam, one must understand how many questions are necessary for them to attempt in order to qualify the UPSC prelims 2020 examination.

We all know that Corona Virus is spreading like wildfire. And if everything remains good then the exam will be conducted on its scheduled date.

As you all know that UPSC Prelims will be given by lakhs of UPSC Aspirants and its majorly a qualifying exam. So, in order to clear the exam, you must understand how much you need to score in UPSC Prelims 2020 examination? How many marks would be enough for you to qualify the UPSC Prelims?

Let’s dive deeper into these questions one by one.

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UPSC Prelims Pattern

UPSC Prelims exam consists of two exams: General Studies 1 and General Studies 2(Also known as CSAT).

In both the exam a total of 200 questions (or 100 questions in each paper) will be asked.

Marking Scheme for the answer would be like this:

  • For Correct Answer: 2 Marks
  • For Incorrect Answer: -0.67

There will be a negative marking of 0.67 marks for incorrect answers.

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How Many Marks Are Needed To Qualify UPSC Prelims 2020?

UPSC changes the cutoff for General Studies Paper 1 every year . But in General Studies Paper 2(or CSAT), the cutoff is 67 marks. The cutoff for the CSAT exam is fixed. After analyzing the past trends, found that:

On average if a person scores 120 marks then he/she can easily qualify the UPSC Prelims. (Note: This is mainly for General Category students because the cutoff of other categories is comparatively lower.)

So, if our target is to score 120 marks, then we can easily achieve this by attempting 60 questions correctly and leaving all other answers But we all know that there is no guarantee that all the questions we have attempted are correct.

So, how many questions we have to attempt for IAS prelims exam?

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How Many Questions To Attempt And Why?

If you are attempting 100 questions then you must attempt 70 questions correctly. If the rest 30 answers go wrong, then, also you will easily achieve your goal of scoring 120 marks.

Logic Behind This Theory

For a correct answer, you get 2 marks. For 70 correct answers, you will score 140 marks.

On the contrary, for every wrong answer, you lose 0.67 marks. So, for 30 wrong answers, you will lose 20 marks.

Eventually, your final score would be 140-20 = 120 marks.

This is how you will achieve your goal of 120 marks.

However, UPSC has kept the cutoff less than 110 marks in past some years. And if you score 120 marks then nobody can stop you from clearing UPSC Prelims 2020 examination.



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