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Do you are aware of weekly happenings in India and World? If you are then test your knowledge through the weekly UPSC Quiz. If you are not aware of weekly news then give this test you will be greatly benefitted.

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1. In which city, India's First Plant which convert Paddy Straw into Compressed Biogas(CBD) is located?
2. Which Indian State has announced no govt. jobs for people having more than 2 children?
3. What is India's rank in Ease of Doing Business Report, 2020?
4. "FD Health", a new Fixed Deposit Scheme is recently launched by which bank?
5. Yashasvi Jaiswal, the youngest cricketer top score 200 in ODI belongs to which city?
6. Who has been appointed as the new chairman of Staff Selection Commission?
7. Bhashan Char Island, was recently in news is in which country ?
8. In which City the 18th Non-Aligned Movemnet (NAM) Summit meeting, 2019 was held?
9. A book "Bridigital Nation" was recently in news, who authored this Book?
10. Kd Siddaiah, passed away recently, was veteran of which field?

Welcome to your Weekly quiz 25 december - 1 jan 2020

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1. Which State is celebrating Dhanu Jantra?
2. Which state of India is going to conduct its maiden Snow Leopard Survey.
3. Recently Tropical Cyclone Sarai hit which archipelago?
4. Indian Airforce recently retired one of its Aircraft, popularly known as Bahadur?
5. Electric Vehicle Policy, 2019 is recently passed by which State/UT?