Civil Service is an exam which is like a wall between a UPSC Aspirant and Indian Administrative Services(IAS). Lakhs of people every year try to jump off this wall and reach their destination which is LBSNAA. But does everybody crosses the wall?

You have seen that when you pass Class 10. There comes a choice to make a decision that can shape your future. But in reality, few people make that real choice and others follow. You might be wondering, What does this mean and Why I can say that?

I have observed that many people when sees that their friends are taking science stream or finds that science stream has better job opportunities or due to society’s pressure or they believe other streams inferior to Science, they decide to opt science stream. Although, their interest lies in Arts/humanities.

Similar is the case of UPSC. Everybody who gives the Civil Services exam is not really inclined towards becoming an IAS or IPS. Let’s understand it with a trend.

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Almost 10 lakh people fill the form of UPSC Civil Services. Out of which around only 5 Lakh people really go to the examination center to give the civil services exam. Out of these five lac people, only 15,000 people clear Prelims. If just look at this trend, you will understand that only 15,000 people were seriously dedicated to the Civil Services exam.

What about the 9,85,000 people? Most of these people filled the examination form just to do showoff. Showoff? What does Showoff mean?

Basically, most of these people filled the form to show others that they had filled the IAS form and they are preparing for Civil Services. So, those people who aren’t much aware of Civil Services when heard about that their friend or their relative has filled IAS form then it increases their respect among them.

But all the people don’t fill the form for this reason. There are some who fill the IAS form because they want to gain power, money, respect, bungalow, free car, and other facilities.

This is obvious because most of the Indian families aren’t rich enough to have all such facilities. So, when they get to know that Indian Administrative Services or Indian Police Services provide such facilities to its officer then it attracts the people.

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I saw that most of the candidates who cracks the UPSC Civil Services Exam have a strong motivation behind them. They have a reason why they are preparing for their respective services. You might be wondering what is that reason?

I can’t say that I know all the reasons and every person may have their own reasons. But they mainly enter the Civil Services journey to bring change and serve the nation. Many people want to uplift the poor from poverty, many others join to educate people and end the social discrimination present in society.

Some others want to empower women, many others want to save the environment. Their aim may be different but eventually, their overall perspective remains the same that is, serve the people, help the people, solve their grievances.


Why You Should Join IAS?

I can’t answer this question. Because the answer lies within you. First, ask yourself why you want to join IAS? Is it due to money, power, perks or service to the nation?

Those who want to join the service for power and money. I would request them not to enter this service. They can become an Entrepreneur or can work in MNC. You can ear much more money in other activities.

If you are doing this for gaining power and exploiting the people. Then, you should keep your feet away from these services.

The All India Services aims to serve all the people of India. If you want to serve the people if you want to improve the lives of people if you want to bring positive change in our society. Then, this service is for you. You have to understand that the Civil Services Journey is not a bed of roses, it’s filled with rough turns, ups, and downs.

Only those people can successfully crack the Civil Services exam and join IAS who have a strong desire to bring some change.

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Money cannot give you the motivation required for this exam. It’s a fake source of motivation. It can last a day or week or at last a month. But not more than that. You have to ask yourself the question again and again. If you aren’t getting answers then you can try again.

Don’t enter the journey without knowing the reason behind it. When you are preparing for IAS, your only goal should be IAS. Don’t look anywhere. Let your cause to join IAS be your motivation. You will eventually clear that wall and will reach your destination.



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